Two Game-Tested Sideline Inbound Plays Featuring Four Different Options

In the latest edition of our Playbook Series, we’re highlighting a pair of sideline inbound plays that feature up to four different options for basketball teams. Whether you coach a middle school, high school, or college team, these easy-to-implement set plays will make a terrific addition to your playbook for the upcoming season. 

Sideline Out of Bounds Play with Four Options

Submitted by Bill Agronin, Niagara University, Niagara, New York

The Set-up: Player 3 takes the ball out. Player 5 is on the opposite block while player 4 sets up on the near block. Meanwhile, players 1 and 2 start off in the middle of the paint with 1 closer to the rim.

Option 1 – Player 4 sets a screen for 5 across the lane before cutting up to the foulline. The inbounder hits 4 with the pass.

Option 2 – Player 3 passes to player 2 in the lane area after 2 sets a screen for 1 and 4 in the paint.

Option 3 – Player 3 passes to player 5 going to the corner off of 4’s original screen in the lane.

Option 4 – Player 3 passes to player 1 around the top of the key off of 1’s screen in the lane.

Multi-Option Side Out of the Bounds Play

Submitted by Keith Cooper, Saint Martin’s College, Lacey, WA

The Set-up: Player 3 takes the ball out. Players 5 and 4 are at the top of the key, with 5 on the ballside and 4 on the opposite side. Player 1 is on the nearside low block and 2 is on the opposite low block.

The Action: Player 5 sets a screen for 4, who uses the screen and breaks to the ball looking for the inbounds pass. Meanwhile, player 2 sets a screen for 1 in the lane. 1 uses the screen and cuts around the lane and to the opposite side wing. Player 4 quickly receives the pass from 3 and the reverses the ball to 1 on the wing.

Next, player 3 comes inbounds and makes a shuffle cut to the ballside short corner. 1 looks to hit 3 on the cut while 4 and 5 set staggered down screens for 2. Player 2 then uses the screens to cut up towards the top of the key and receives a pass from 1.

The Finish: If 3 wasn’t open, or if 2 doesn’t have a clear look, then players 4 and 5 set a double screen at the elbow and 3 breaks across the lane and comes off the double screen around the opposite side wing area. Player 2 passes to player 3 for a three-point shot.

The previous video clips can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “Over 50 Sensational Sideline Inbounds Plays.” To check out  more videos featuring set plays, click here

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