Transition Offense: How to Play Fast & Create More Possessions

Current UConn women’s basketball coach Geno Auriemma is a huge advocate of drill work that translates from practice to the game. In the latest team development feature, learn how to be a force offensively via transition while playing to create more possessions. The following drills and concepts are frequently used by Auriemma and the Huskies, who are fresh off winning the 2013 NCAA National Championship. 

Transition Offense Mentality

The overall idea with this transition offense is to move fast. For instance, as soon as ball comes out of the net, your squad should be off and running. Coach Auriemma wishes that more offenses ran this way and carried this mentality. It really makes the kids play where all five players are involved. The bigs are involved and the guards are creating. This is real basketball.

Fast Break Drill

In terms of implementing this strategy/mentality, we can begin by putting our offense together. Start with a point guard, two wing players, and two bigs down low. The drill starts with a coach throwing the ball off the glass. Next, one big guy will rebound it and the other guy will run the floor. As for the player who doesn’t get it, it’s their job to beat the guy who’s guarding them down the floor. If they do, his teammates will pass it to them and they’ll get a basket.

After the rebound, there’s an immediate outlet pass to the wing. Kick it ahead again and then throw the ball down low to the sprinting big man for a layup. This is exactly how Coach Auriemma teaches all of his team’s options off the fast break.

Transition Options

There are a number of things you can do out of the transition break. First, look to pass to the wing player as you are coming down the floor. Once within the half-court area, look inside while the original passer cuts to the corner.

Now, the trailer comes into play. You can hit him with a pass up top, look inside, reverse the ball, and then the original trailer and farside wing player can set a double screen in the corner. The corner player comes off of it to the top. So now you are looking for a quick post up and a jump shot up top right out of transition.

From here, you can go with a ‘High/Low‘ scenario where one big man screens across for the other, he flashes to the ball, receives it, and then passes high to low to the other big for a layup or lob play.

The previous clips can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “Geno Auriemma: Dynamic Offensive Practice Drills.” To check out more videos focusing on team drills, visit our basketball library.

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