Effective Sets out of the Princeton Offense: “Point”

Earlier this year, we revealed a variety of sets from the Princeton Offense, including a common formation called “Chin“, the 5 Out formation, and several low post optionsThis week, follow along with coach Lee DeForest as he takes the offense one step further with “Point.” Now with these four sets at your disposal, you’ll be well on your way to implementing the Princeton Offense effectively to your overall offensive scheme. 

Point – With Three Options

Start with your players lined up in Chin (see above). We begin with the ball up top with one guard. He waves through the opposite guard. That guard will cut through the paint and to the opposite corner. The pivot (after the wave through) will go block to block and fill the opposite elbow. Try to time it so that when the guard is cutting off the elbow, the pivot is filling the elbow.

As soon as we make the pass to the elbow, the nearside forward will drop to the corner. The key to this play is this: After the pass, whichever cut the passer/guard makes, that’s what set we are in. If he cuts over the top of the pivot, then we are in Over. If he cuts to the rim, we are in Under. If he cuts away from the basketball, we are in Away.


If the guard cuts over the pivot, the near corner forward must read this. The forward acts like he’s coming off the down screen, rejects it, and cuts backdoor. Look for the backdoor pass baseline. All the other players must make this read.

From this point, if there is no shot, look to go for a side screen and roll with the guard on the wing and the pivot on the elbow. Look to pull the post defender out. After the screen, the pivot should be rolling. Meanwhile, the forwards on the other side will be involved in a down screen. If it’s not working, you can get back into Chin from here.


On the Court

Point is effective to run if the defense is picking up the pressure. The play is cued by waving the other guard through. Many teams like to double team the ball screen, so look to pull teams out to half court. Take the defenders away from the basket but don’t let the point guard pick up his dribble.

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