All Access Oklahoma Women’s Basketball: Game-Like Shooting and Fast Break Drills

This week’s All Access pass takes you to Norman, Oklahoma where Oklahoma head women’s basketball coach Sherri Coale leads her squad through a variety of game-like shooting drills and fast break warm-ups. Feature drills include “Two-man Sideline Passing”, “USA Shooting”, and “Two-Ball Shooting.” 

The behind-the-scenes session stems from the first few practices of the 2010-11 season. Most recently, the Sooners are coming off a 21-13 campaign in which the squad reached the second round of the NCAA tournament.  

Primary Break – Two-Man Sideline Passing

In order to be effective on transition, players must be able to run, pass, catch, and dribble without making turnovers. This sideline passing drill incorporates chest and bounce passes as players (working in pairs) throw the ball back and forth down the length of the floor.

If a group drops the ball, they must go back and start over again. Midway through the drill, the middle line will start making a bounce pass. Remember that players should be running, not sliding, while passing and catching.

Tips: Do not travel. Stay wide and zip each pass. Talk to your teammate throughout.


Two-Ball Shooting

Start out with two lines of players, one up top and the other on the wing. The player up top has the ball and passes to a teammate on the left. The passer makes a v-cut and sets a screen for the player on the wing. The wing player cuts hard off of that pick, receives a pass from the feeder just inside the far elbow, and takes a jumper. Follow your shot and get the rebound. The screener will now cut up to the  free-throw line and receive another pass from a coach for a shot.

It’s key that players communicate on the screen and then cut after it. The second cutter should cut opposite of the first cutter. Also, be sure to mix your cuts up. See below for options.

Note: Screeners have the option to make at least three different cuts here. Coach Coale incorporates this drill with her team to simulate their motion offense. It gives players a chance to fill, curl, or to backcut off of the downscreen.


USA Shooting

This is a terrific drill for working on post moves, entry passes, and shots off the pass. On each end of the floor, get a line on the wing and a post line under the basket. All post lines will go twice in a row. When feeding the post, always fake before you make. Be sure to deliver a good pass fake and then deliver the ball. Get the defender’s hands somewhere and make the pass, which should be quick and sharp.


Feed the post and the post will score. The next player up will feed the post and the post will score. After that, we will relocate. Now the wing player feeds the post and then relocates high or low, the post kicks it back out, and there’s a shot. Go twice.

Next up, change it to feed and re-post. Make a feed down low, kick it out, have the post go two steps deeper, have a re-feed, and then get a score. After two reps, feed and take a handoff. The feeder runs a cut, high or low, takes the hand off and scores. Every post goes twice. In the last sequence, feed the post, make a fake handoff, and the then post scores opposite. Do this on the left side of the floor on both ends.


The previous clips can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “All Access Oklahoma Women’s Basketball Practice with Sherri Coale.” Be sure to check out the latest videos in our All Access lineup. New DVDs feature the following programs: Kentucky, Wichita State, and Iowa State. 

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