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with Kerry McCoy, University of Maryland Head Coach;
Distinguished Member of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame (2014);
3x ACC Coach of the Year; 2x ACC Champions; 2008 US Olympic Assistant Coach;
2x NCAA Champion at Penn State; 2x Olympic Wrestler (finishing 5th in 2000 and 7th in 2004); 2003 World Championships (silver medal); 3x All American at Penn State; 1997 Hodge Trophy winner

Kerry McCoy believes that better position will beat a stronger heavier opponent every time. With that in mind McCoy demonstrates eight different takedowns and finishes for lighter heavyweights to use when size and strength aren't in their favor. Covered are the Stretch Single, Arm Drag, Elbow Post, Underhook, Knee Pick, Foot Sweep and Snap Down. These moves present an opportunity for your heavyweight to score points without much danger.

60 minutes. 2002.

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