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Discus Throw Drills: The Best of British Track & Field

Discus Throw Drills: The Best of British Track &amp; Field
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  • 9- part comprehensive discus throw drill progression
  • Competition variations for the beginning discus thrower
  • Common errors and corrections


with Robert Weir,
University of Oregon Assistant Coach;
former UK National Throws CoachThis 9-part instructional DVD from Robert Weir features:
  • Basic technique for gripping the discus
  • Basic Discus Drills - Covering every phase of the throw from the basics of the grip to the release.
  • Standing throws - Weir's focus is on progressing from a stationary stance and release into rotational basics with release
  • Half Turns - Weir moves into the ring and drills half turns without a throw followed by half turns with a throw.
  • South African Discus Drills - Focuses on drilling the rotation with the release.
  • Full Discus Throws - A progression into full throws with hesitation drills that serve as a checkpoint for technique and balance.
  • Variations - Three techniques that are designed for novice throwers who have not mastered the full rotational skills to hone the foundational skills of the discus throw.
  • Advanced Discus Drills - Drill progressions that teach balance, timing and rhythm.
  • Common Errors and Corrections - Seven of the most common discus throw errors Weir sees in the event, with corrections.

33 minues. 2009.

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Discus Throw Drills: The Best of British Track & Field

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