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  • Make your players more relentless against any defense.
  • Incorporate a new strategy that is effective with athletes who are talented but may lack skill.
  • Use these three screens to spread the defense thin and attack the weakest tackler.
Featuring Steve Ryan,
Morningside College Head Coach

Morningside College finished the 2008 NAIA season:

  • #1 in the nation in Scoring Offense (48.6 Pts/G)
  • #1 in the nation in Passing Efficiency (185.2)

Morningside College head football coach Steve Ryan has been running the wide receiver screen game for the past seven years and it has quickly become one of the things his team does best within their effective offense. He also utilizes a no-huddle offense and admits that an efficient screen game is integral to successfully running the no-huddle. Coach Ryan favors the screen game because it makes the defense cover the whole field and allows his players to attack the perimeter right away. This allows him to dictate the defense and helps to control blitzing. He covers three separate screens in depth, each one offering distinct advantages and giving you an edge over your opponent on the field. The hash screen, bubble screen, and middle screen are all covered in detail on the whiteboard to help you understand their strengths and show you potential weaknesses to watch out for. Coach Ryan then shows you how to effectively practice the screen game by giving you an inside look at his own team's practice. He also narrates game footage showing the screen game in action. If you're looking for a consistent edge over your opponents, don't overlook the benefits offered by this wide receiver screen game.

48 minutes. 2009.

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