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8 New Basketball DVDs: Princeton Offense, 2-3 Zone, Ball Screens & More!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Thursday, March 14, 2013

Learn a wide variety of excellent basketball concepts from several high level coaches.  These new Basketball DVDs contain footage from the court and the weight room, to give you the most insight on improving you program. Help you and your players become a better basketball team!

Installing the Princeton Offense

  • Force your opponent to guess what your next cut or action will be utilizing this difficult to dissect offense
  • Get detailed teachings on the five major parts of the Princeton Offense
  • Learn warm-up drills that will teach your players the basic movements and cuts within the Princeton Offense
  • Learn 5-on-0 teaching progressions that breakdown every option within the Princeton Offense and how to react when the defense takes away an option

Effective Practice Drills for Individual Skill Development

  • Learn 13 skill development drills that incorporate ball handling, shooting, passing and footwork and that have produced 16 All-Americans and four National Players of the Year
  • Get more touches on the ball and maximize your practice time by implementing a ball handling routine into your warm-up
  • Improve passing accuracy and develop soft hands with two-man full court drills

Practice Drills to Build Defensive Intensity

  • Discover 11 daily defensive practice drills that you can incorporate into any practice session
  • Improve your team’s positioning when hedging and for help-side defense
  • Use the 1-2-2 “Mott” full-court pressure defense to control the game tempo and direct the dribbler into your trap

The Switching 2-3 Zone Defense

  • This is an ideal defense for teams with athletic forwards or for teams that are undersized
  • Gain the ability to interchange players on defense for more flexibility
  • See player rotations to intercept skip passes to the weak side, without jeopardizing the integrity of the defense
  • Limit your opponent’s effectiveness by trapping the high post, low post, and short corner out of the zone

Steve Bennett: Utilizing Ball Screens and Off-Court Coaching

  • Teach your players how to make the reads that will get them open when coming off of screens
  • Utilize the “Ball Screen Shooting Series” to teach your guards ball handling and shooting skills they can need to score
  • Get insights on how to build a winning program outside of the gym

The Difference Makers: 50 Exercises for Optimum Strength

  • Gain an athletic edge by working effectively in the weight room
  • Add challenging new movements to traditional strength exercises
  • Learn an extensive foam roller warm-up that will help increase muscle mass
  • Discover full body strength exercises that will develop speed and explosiveness

Mike Fratello: Planning and Executing Special Situation

  • Steal a basket when you need it most
  • Get insight on how to incorporate specials into a team philosophy and team practices
  • Learn how to maximize your time outs
  • Learn to handle a trap and how to trap and recover

Gail Goestenkors: Building a Championship Program

  • Uncover a proven method for improving player accountability
  • Discover how to keep drills game-competitive while improving player conditioning
  • Learn to establish your team’s identity and ensure that all players are clear on individual roles and responsibilities


Key Tips and Drills for Attacking Zone Offenses

By adam.warner - Last updated: Wednesday, January 25, 2012

With Rutgers University head men’s basketball coach Mike Rice as your guide, learn how to maximize your zone offense efficiency and train your players how to become instinctive to attacking zone defenses. The goal here is that after mastering these drills, your players should become better players against zone. Plus, they’ll be able to read defenses better and react to them, making them complete players for any system.

4 on 3 Passing

Efficient passing is a necessity when it comes to attacking the zone. As a team, you want to attack the paint, collapse the defense, and then finish the play from there. While this is a great passing drill for anything really, it is especially helpful for reading the defense. For coach Rice, if Rutgers is about to play a zone team, this is the drill that the squad starts out practice with. It gets players to keep their heads up, make ball fakes, play low, and understand who is open.

Four players start out on the blocks and elbows and three other players begin in the middle of the paint. One defender is closing out to the ball, and the other two players play how they want but must get in the passing lanes. The only rule is that the defense has to play the ball and be active. Coach Rice often implements the rule that after eight passes, if the defense deflects the ball, they put a point on the board.


Gap Shooting

Start with three lines of players around the arc. The drill begins with a pass to an adjacent player, he makes a shot fake or ball fake, and then immediately gets into a gap. Coach Rice will often use coaches or even chairs so that players can effectively get into the gaps.

Next, players will kick out the ball to an adjacent player. From there, players can either fade and pivot or go behind their teammate from there. Once the ball gets to that third player, he/she will shoot it. A coach will also have a ball on the side and will pass to the middle player for a shot. The only person that doesn’t get a shot here is the player who started the drill.

Tips for Zone Offense: Don’t be lined up exactly where the defense lines up. Remember, a possession in basketball comes down to whether your guys can make better decisions than the opposing players. You do this through drills so it eventually becomes instinctive.

The drill eventually moves into “Next Pass Shooting.” Any of the three offensive players can start out the drill this time. But this time, there’s only one penetration, then a shot fake, a next pass, another pass, and shot. According to Coach Rice, sometimes we over-penetrate, so we need to practice making the drive and short kick.


The previous clips can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “Mike Rice: Zone Offense and Zone Concepts.” To check out more videos focusing on zone basketball, simply head over to our basketball library.


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