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Phenomenal Wrestling DVDs featuring an Olympic Coach!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Monday, January 14, 2013

Coaches sometimes struggle with heavyweight instruction. With Kerry McCoy’s help, coaching your heavyweights has been simplified. Kerry McCoy has been a premier heavyweight wrestler and coach in the United States since the early 90’s. Look at the four Wrestling DVDs Coach McCoy did with us:

Heavyweight Technique: Control Ties from the Feet

  • Learn to master three control the ties that are common in the upper weights of wrestling to dominate the position
  • Increase the effectiveness of your attacks by moving your opponent with these solid control ties
  • Learn hand fighting skills to clear opponent’s ties and score from the neutral position
  • Features 3x ACC Coach of the Year and 2x Olympian Kerry McCoy

Heavyweight Technique: Breakdowns, Pins and Escapes

  • Learn how to establish an edge on the mat whether on top or bottom
  • Teach three breakdowns that are effective for heavyweights that are great set-ups for turns and pins
  • Turn your opponent with tilts, arm bars, bottom leg cradles, leg Turks, and arm Turks
  • Features 2x NCAA National Champion and 2008 US Olympic Assistant Coach Kerry McCoy

Signature Move Series: High Single Leg Takedown

  • Learn drills that help develop great footwork and speed to make you much more effective on your feet
  • Perform stance and motion drills as warm-ups and for conditioning
  • Implement a 3-man drill to condition your wrestlers
  • Features 2003 World Championships silver medalist Kerry McCoy


New AAU Wrestling Skills Series with Eric Guerrero!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Get a comprehensive catalog of takedowns, including single leg, double leg, duck under, ankle pick, and 2-on-1 from three-time NCAA Champion Eric Guerrero. Coach Guerrero is known throughout the world for his dominant wrestling style from his feet. In this Wrestling DVD, he gives you the secrets to what it takes to be fast and dominant on your feet.

AAU Wrestling Skills Series: Set Ups, Takedowns and Finishes

  • Master drills that will help you develop foot speed and the precise motor skills to execute takedowns
  • Learn how to secure a 2-on-1 and score five different takedowns from the 2-on-1
  • Ankle pick to both sides enabling you to attack both sides of the body and change off to singles or doubles
  • Features 2004 Olympian and 2009 FILA Junior Freestyle World Championship Head Coach Eric Guererro

AAU Wrestling Skills Series: Counter Offense

  • Learn to defend double and single leg attacks from the ground and in the air
  • Discover three ways to effectively defend the high crotch
  • Get drills that will help you learn to fight off of your back
  • Learn to counter a double leg takedown when it’s too late to sprawl
  • Features 2003 World Cup Champion and Oklahoma State Head Assistant Coach Eric Guerrero

AAU Wrestling Skills Series: Scoring from the Top Position

  • Discover key breakdowns that will keep your opponent off his base
  • Tie your tilts and turns together to chain wrestle and start to dominate on top
  • Features 2003 World Cup Champion and Oklahoma State Head Assistant Coach Eric Guerrero

AAU Wrestling Skills Series: Scoring from the Bottom Position

  • Make quick escapes from the bottom position to conserve your offensive energy
  • Discover drills that help create fundamental body control in positions that are key to consistently scoring from the bottom position
  • Learn to fluidly transition from one technique to the other in the bottom position
  • Features 2004 Olympian and 2009 FILA Junior Freestyle World Championship Head Coach Eric Guererro

Buy the AAU Wrestling Skills Series with Eric Guerrero

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New AAU Coaching Wrestling DVD Series with Greg Strobel!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Monday, November 19, 2012

Hall of Fame Coach Greg Strobel is a leader in coaching education. In this video, Coach Strobel shares many insights from his illustrious career that will provide you with a foundation on which to plan your practices. His discussion covers a wide range of topics in these three new Wrestling DVDs:

AAU Coaching Wrestling Series: Practice Planning for Developing Wrestlers 

  • Learn how to peak your wrestlers before competition and at the end of the season
  • Develop practice plans that are appropriate in length and intensity level for your team
  • Integrate a variety of warm-up, combat, and post combat workouts into your practices
  • Learn how to adjust the level of live combat in your practices as the season progresses

AAU Coaching Wrestling Series: Practice Drills for Developing Wrestlers

  • Use drills to address the specific needs of individual wrestlers or your entire team
  • Implement scramble drills into your practice to improve confidence in match situations
  • Teach your wrestlers to be more detail-oriented with their drilling to fix specifics problems
  • Bring greater variety to your practices

AAU Coaching Wrestling Series: Strength Training for Developing Wrestlers 

  • Learn a comprehensive set of exercises for developing agility and power using an agility ladder, plyometric boxes, and a medicine ball
  • Develop speed and agility in both the hands and the feet
  • Learn how to combine both the agility ladder and plyometric exercises to develop both strength and strength endurance
  • Learn upper body core exercises with the medicine ball and by doing pushup variations

Purchase the AAU Coaching Wrestling Series and save $10!

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Create a Championship Caliber Wrestling Team!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Gain the concepts you need to take you and your team to another level with Nick Mitchell, Grand View University Head Coach.  He was a 2012 NAIA National Champions and the 2012 NAIA National Coach of the Year!  Incorporate anything you learn in these Wrestling DVDs into your practices:

Championship Practice Drills for Wrestling

  • Learn drills that will help you stay in good position late in a match
  • Defend shots and score off your opponent’s attack
  • Get shot-re-shot drills and train your wrestlers to be in position and anticipate their second attacks
  • Integrate drills that emphasize winning the battle on the edge of the mat
  • Learn mental drills to help team members focus and build a mental picture of victory

Short Offense: Scoring from the Front Headlock Position

  • Learn to defend and score off of your opponent’s single leg attack
  • Learn how to move your opponent down to the mat without sacrificing your legs and giving up good position
  • Score with a go-behind anywhere on the mat
  • Score from the front headlock position with the hands locked or unlocked
  • Get ideas for developing a successful plan and vision for your program in the short term and in the long run
  • Learn how to build a strong community tie to ensure support throughout the season
  • Features Nick Mitchell who started the Grand View wrestling program and won the 2012 NAIA National Championship four years later

If buy the Nick Mitchell 3-Pack, you will save $15!

Complete Look at the Iowa State University Wrestling Team!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Join Kevin Jackson, Iowa State University Head Coach, as he takes you through three days of live practice on the Iowa State University campus.  He was also a 1992 Olympic Gold Medalist and is currently a member of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame.  Coach Jackson and his staff go through all aspects of creating a championship program in the wrestling room and in the weight room. View this Wrestling DVD below:

Situational Training and Drills for Wrestling

  • Get an inside look at the intensity of live wrestling practices in the Iowa State University wrestling room
  • Learn hand-fighting skills that create openings and angles for your offense
  • Learn to re-shoot from both sides off of your opponent’s shot
  • Take an inside look at a proven strength and conditioning workout that will help you peak physically at championship time

Check out Kevin Jackson’s Freestyle Wrestling Fundamentals for more world class instruction.


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