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Complete Look at the Iowa State University Wrestling Team!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Join Kevin Jackson, Iowa State University Head Coach, as he takes you through three days of live practice on the Iowa State University campus.  He was also a 1992 Olympic Gold Medalist and is currently a member of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame.  Coach Jackson and his staff go through all aspects of creating a championship program in the wrestling room and in the weight room. View this Wrestling DVD below:

Situational Training and Drills for Wrestling

  • Get an inside look at the intensity of live wrestling practices in the Iowa State University wrestling room
  • Learn hand-fighting skills that create openings and angles for your offense
  • Learn to re-shoot from both sides off of your opponent’s shot
  • Take an inside look at a proven strength and conditioning workout that will help you peak physically at championship time

Check out Kevin Jackson’s Freestyle Wrestling Fundamentals for more world class instruction.

New Wrestling DVDs to Prepare You for Future Meets!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Friday, September 21, 2012

Learn some nice ankle picks, cradles, and turns from Jason Borrelli, Stanford University Head Coach.  He is a former All American wrestler at Central Michigan and will provide you with the tools to bring your opponent to the mat more frequently.  See the great coaching points made in these Wrestling DVDs:

Ankle Picks and Set-ups

  • Learn how to attack both legs from one set-up to give your wrestlers more options on their feet and to beat better wrestlers
  • Learn numerous ways to finish a move depending on how your opponent reacts
  • Learn to solve several problems that occur while attempting ankle picks

Backhook Ride Series: Cradles and Turns

  • Become a dominant force from the top position
  • Pin more opponents using the variety of cradles available from the backhook ride
  • Learn to use pressure from the backhook to create more effective break downs
  • Discover how to handle common counters to the backhook ride so you cannot be denied

Order the Jason Borrelli 2-Pack and save $10!

Get an All Access Look at Top Level Wrestling Teams and Coaches!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Friday, July 27, 2012

Go inside the nation’s top high school wrestling team with Russ Cozart and Brandon High School (FL).  Coach Cozart is a 2x National Coach of the Year and his team is 23x Florida High School State Champs.  Check out these high quality Wrestling DVDs:

All Access Brandon High School Wrestling Practice with Russ Cozart

  • Establish a proven and effective scope, sequence, and pacing in your practice design
  • Discover the balanced approach to practice planning that incorporates cardiovascular, strength, and mat training
  • Get an inside look at conditioning practices that develop the core strength necessary for successful wrestling


New on DVD: All Access Blair Academy Wrestling Practice!

By mike.oconnell - Last updated: Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New on DVD is All Access Blair Academy Wrestling Practice with Jeff Buxton, Head Wrestling Coach, 2011 National Prep Champions – 31st straight National Prep title, Team of the  Decade (2000-2009)!

All Access Blair Academy Wrestling Practice

  • Get an exclusive look at five in-season practices from the legendary Blair Academy wrestling program
  • Excellent one-on-one coaching
  • Learn how to hit the “Blair Academy Turk”
  • See a kettle bell and sand bag workout circuit

For more practice and drill planning check out: Wrestling DVDs

Jim Miller Leads Wartburg College to 8th National Wrestling Title!

By mike.oconnell - Last updated: Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Championship Productions would like to congratulate the Wartburg Knights & Jim Miller (Head Wrestling Coach at Wartburg College) on winning the 2011 Division III National Wrestling Title. The Knights finished with 117 points, besting the field by 28.5 points. Championship Productions is proud to say it has partnered with Jim Miller on various Wrestling DVD projects.  Learn the drills and techniques that this outstanding coach has implemented…leading Wartburg to the top!

Jim Miller: The Wartburg Drill System


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