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New Wrestling DVDs featuring Dave Malecek!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Friday, June 22, 2012

We have just released two Wrestling DVDs featuring University of Wisconsin – La Crosse Head Coach, Dave Malecek.  He is a 5x conference coach of the year and 2007 NCAA Rookie Coach of the Year.  The titles of these two new Wrestling DVDs are:

Weight Room to Wrestling Room

  • Learn to use specific lifts to simulate wrestling situations
  • See live demonstrations of both the exercises and application to wrestling
  • Create a stronger and more explosive wrestler

Focused and Fundamental Drilling on the Feet

  • Learn shot defense drills that will prevent your opponent from scoring and lead into an offensive attack
  • See how to make one drill into a series of drills, which allows wrestlers to learn to adapt to their opponents and to make drilling more realistic
  • Drill your team with proper shadow wrestling to develop good movement and footwork in conjunction with hand motion

Purchase both of these excellent DVDs together as the Dave Malecek’s Wrestling Drills 2-Pack and save $10!

New Wrestling DVDs featuring Ken Chertow!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Thursday, May 3, 2012

We just released 8 Wrestling DVDs featuring Ken Chertow.  He is a former head coach at Ohio State University and Penn State University as well as a former US Olympian.  Check out these excellent Wrestling DVDs called:

All Access Gold Medal Wrestling Camp

  • Learn to drill moves in combinations to score if your first attack does not succeed
  • Look for feet-to-back transitions in order to optimize winning opportunities
  • Understand key aspects of training like nutrition and mental toughness that are important in developing the complete wrestler
  • Learn world-class technique and an intense work ethic that will set you apart from the rest

Ken Chertow’s Favorite Wrestling Techniques

  • Learn to use re-shots, front headlocks, and other techniques to score from your counter attacks
  • Develop the slide-by, as well as the set ups that will enable you to score in competition
  • Learn a variety of counter attacks from the sprawl position
  • Incorporate tilts and rolls to enhance your top and bottom wrestling

Home Training Center Skills & Drills, Volume 1

  • Master the seven basic skills that all wrestlers need to know and execute to maximize their potential and be successful
  • Incorporate the snake and twister technique to take down your opponent
  • Learn drills that will make your wrestlers’ stand-ups more explosive
  • Ken Certow has developed over 700 national and state champions at the club and high school level!

Home Training Center Skills & Drills, Volume 2

  • Learn to chain together pinning combinations and tilts to turn your opponent like NCAA champion Anthony Robles
  • Develop intense hand fighting skills to improve your position
  • Learn to drill setups from different tie-ups to create openings and scoring opportunities
  • Drills to condition the core muscles are presented in a unique and informative manner

Scoring from the Top: Breakdowns, Tilts, Pinning and Freestyle

  • Learn to apply consistent pressure correctly from the top position
  • Tilting for quick turns – including the “Robles tilt”
  • Learn a leg series for all body types
  • Develop chain wrestling strategies to score multiple sets of near fall points
  • Master several critical freestyle turns

Scoring from the Bottom: Second Moves and Chain Wrestling

  • Learn a variety of drills that promote explosive movement off of the bottom
  • Develop skills for a good hip heist to complement the stand-up
  • Develop chain wrestling skills and maximize multiple scoring opportunities
  • Turn reversals into five point moves or pins to increase your success on bottom
  • Learn to defend legs and score with a wide array of leg counters

Stand ups, Knee Slides and Critical Bottom Skills and Techniques

  • Make your stand up more effective by fine tuning your position
  • Recover and establish strong positions to consistently score from bottom
  • Address and correct common problems encountered on bottom
  • Develop chain wrestling skills by creating constant motion

High Percentage Upper Body Techniques

  • Learn the fundamentals of basic locks, ties, and throws to score using upper body techniques
  • Learn upper body tactics that can be used effectively in all three styles of wrestling
  • Learn how to hit Coach Hermann’s patented “Bonsai” arm throw
  • Develop an arsenal of high-percentage five point moves

Here are a couple more Ken Chertow DVDs that will improve your wrestlers!

High Percentage Takedowns
High Percentage Throws and Counter Attacks

New Wrestling DVD featuring John Smith!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Wednesday, March 14, 2012

We have recently released a Wrestling DVD featuring John Smith and the Oklahoma State University team.  Coach Smith a 5x NCAA Championship coach and a 12x Big 12 Championship coach.  Here is a new Wrestling DVD that makes for a perfect addition to your video collection.

All Access Oklahoma State Wrestling Practice

  • Get a glimpse into the practice mentality that has helped Oklahoma State build a dominant wrestling program
  • See how Coach Smith uses the initial practices of the 2011-12 season to teach the routine drills that will build fundamentals throughout the season
  • Learn what “good drilling” looks like and why it is important for development
  • Discover many drills that can be incorporated into your practice routine to improve technique
  • Watch as Coach Smith teaches the techniques and drills to the team, and works with individual wrestlers

Check out more John Smith wrestling instruction with these DVDs below:

Situational Wrestling from the Bottom Position
John Smith’s 20 Championship Wrestling Drills
John Smith’s Chain Wrestling Formula
Signature Move Series – John Smith’s Leg Lace
John Smith’s Cowboy Duck Under
John Smith’s Set-ups & Tie-ups: Being Effective from Your Feet
John Smith’s Defense from the Feet
How Low Can You Go, II
High Single: Positions for the Finish
Becoming a Champion Wrestler: Scrambling – Scoring from a Bad Position
Becoming a Champion Wrestler: Stand-ups – The Art of Coming Off the Mat
Becoming a Champion Wrestler: Breakdowns – Stopping the First Move

New Wrestling DVDs Featuring Brendan Buckley and Carl Fronhofer!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Monday, August 15, 2011

We have three new Wrestling DVDs that have been released featuring Brendan Buckley and Carl Fronhofer. Brendan Buckley is a former Columbia University Head Coach and Carl Fronhofer is the current Columbia University Head Coach.  These three Wrestling DVDs are titled:

Leg Tilt Series for Any Wrestler 

  • Rack up back points and riding time while your opponent tries to defend your tilts
  • Learn two stealth set ups that are easy to hit and difficult for your opponent to recognize
  • Learn a simple technique for making the turn easier

Last Line of Defense: Scrambling Against Leg Attacks 

  • Turn your last line of defense into point-scoring offense
  • Get scrambling ideas for six common takedown positions
  • Control the scramble and take away your opponent’s scoring opportunity
  • Stop giving up easy points

Attacking with the 2-on-1 Series 

  • Learn to control your opponent and the match
  • See how to “level the playing field” against a quicker wrestler
  • Great tie for all three styles of wrestling

New Wrestling DVDs Featuring Hudson Taylor!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Here are a couple of recently released Wrestling DVDs featuring Hudson Taylor.  He is a former 3x All American wrestling from the University of Maryland.  The titles of these two new Wrestling DVDs are called:

Signature Move Series – Hudson Taylor: Pinning with the Double Under Series 

  • Get detailed secrets to 12 of Hudson Taylor’s favorite turns/falls
  • Learn two critical keys you need to know to finish any pinning move
  • All techniques will work for any wrestler

Becoming a Champion Wrestler: Skills for the Upper Weights 

  • Detailed instruction dedicated for upper weights
  • See two essential moves that will get you to your feet
  • Get options to score from a collar tie
  • 2 hours of instruction for only $49.99!


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