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New Youth Wrestling DVDs Featuring Dave Mills!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Friday, November 11, 2011

We have  four newly released Youth Wrestling DVDs featuring Dave Mills and Joe McFarland.  Joe McFarland is the head coach of the Michigan Wolverines wrestling team, and Dave Mills is 2x National Coach of the Year.  These four latest Wrestling DVDs are titled:

Advanced Youth Strength and Flexibility

University of Michigan Head Coach Joe McFarland and 2 time Nationa Coach of the Year Dave Mills team up to show your wrestlers how to seamlessly transition from setup to takedown to breakdown to pin (Over 30 takedowns)!

Advanced Youth Wrestling Escapes

World silver medalist Joe McFarland and Masters World Champion Dave Mills combine forces to show you how to turn a 1-point escape into 3,5,6 points or even a pin! This DVD also instructs advanced youth wrestlers how to not only stop singles and doubles, but how to score bonus points.

Advanced Youth Wrestling Pinning

  • Creating pressure off the whistle
  • Attacking near arm
  • Attacking laces
  • Controlling inside position
  • Creating angles of attack
  • Spiral break down, cup shoulder
  • Spiral break down, claw, rotate
  • Blanket ride
  • Saddle ride
  • Half nelson, chop near arm, cross wrist ride
  • Advanced Youth Wrestling Takedowns

  • Match starts before contact is made
  • Set-ups for step of champions
  • Step of champions
  • Step of champions, spiral to cross-wrist ride
  • Step of champions, turk finish
  • Step of champions, crackdown, pass the knee
  • Step of champions, crackdown, swim to head
  • Step of champions, leg off mat, heel block, arm turk to navy – half
  • Step of champions, leg outside, inside thigh pry, bottom leg cradle
  • Step of champions-double finish across, Schultz finish w/overhook
  • Step of champions-double finish across, Schultz finish w/leg turk
  • If you like these Wrestling DVDs, here are some more from Dave Mills:

    Youth Wrestling: Takedown Steps 1, 2, 3
    Youth Wrestling: Escape and Reversal Steps 1, 2, 3
    Youth Wrestling: Pinning Steps 1, 2, 3
    50 Escape and Reversal Drills for Getting Better, Faster in Wrestling
    60 Breakdown, Ride and Pinning Drills for Getting Better, Faster in Wrestling
    35+ Takedowns for Getting Better, Faster in Wrestling
    Live Takedown Situations
    50 Upper Body Drills for Getting Better, Faster in Wrestling

    New Wrestling DVDs Featuring Chris Pendleton and Mark Branch!

    By nate.landas - Last updated: Thursday, October 20, 2011

    We have recently released four Wrestling DVDs featuring Chris Pendleton and Mark Branch.  Both of whom were 2x NCAA Champions at Oklahoma State.  These four new Wrestling DVDs are titled:

    Mastering the Underhook Tie 

    • Develop new ways to score from the underhook tie
    • Get a new way to control the match and have constant attacks
    • Arm your wrestlers with techniques designed to take their opponent directly to their back

    Mastering the High Crotch Crackdown 

    • Learn three solid set ups and more than 10 finishes for the high crotch
    • Witness a champion and great technician master one of the toughest areas to finish: the high crotch crackdown
    • Turn lost takedowns and stalemates into takedowns, near-falls, and pins

    No Fear! Attacking from the Bottom Position 

    • Learn key positions on the bottom to prevent your opponent from scoring
    • Defend and score against the crab ride and leg riders
    • Develop confidence on the bottom that will open up more scoring opportunities
    • Learn to counter an opponent with two legs in, either from your stomach or from a sit-out position

    Practice Routines Volume II: Drills from the Feet 

    • Learn drills to build fluid movement between upper body (hands) and lower body (feet)
    • Teach your wrestlers to move their opponent effectively, take good shots and finish shots
    • These drills can be done inside or outside of the wrestling room, which is extremely beneficial to high school coaches during their pre-season conditioning

    New Wrestling DVD Featuring Jessie Reyes!

    By nate.landas - Last updated: Friday, October 14, 2011

    We have a newly released Wrestling DVD available featuring Jessie Reyes.  He is a 2x NCAA D-II National Champion.  This new Championship Signature Wrestling Move Series DVD is titled:

    Signature Moves Series: Jessie Reyes – Inside Trip 

    • Get a detailed look at Jessie Reyes’ unstoppable Inside Trip
    • Learn to hit the Inside Trip from four different set-ups
    • See how to use the Inside Trip to turn defense into offense

    View more DVDs from the Signature Move Series:

    Signature Move Series – Mark Perry: The Claw Series
    Championship Signature Move Series – Troy Nickerson: Crab Ride

    Championship Signature Move Series: Wrap Arm Single
    Championship Signature Move Series – Ben Askren: Cradles and Hammerlocks
    Championship Signature Move Series – Ben Askren: Funk Defense from the Feet
    Signature Move Series -Troy Letters: The Crab Ride
    Signature Move Series – John Smith’s Leg Lace
    Championship Signature Move Series – Damion Hahn: Power Duck Under Series
    Championship Signature Move Series: The Dresser Dump
    Championship Signature Move Series Ben Askren: 5-Point Reversals 
    Championship Signature Move Series Ben Askren: Finishing Leg Attacks  

    New Wrestling DVDs Featuring Russ Cozart!

    By nate.landas - Last updated: Tuesday, September 13, 2011

    Here are two recently released Wrestling DVDs that feature Russ Cozart.  He is a 2x National Coach of the Year and 8x Florida Coach of the Year.  These two new Coaching Wrestling DVDs are titled:

    Building a Successful Feeder System for Wrestling 

    • Tips, techniques, philosophies and drills for building a strong feeder system for your wrestling program
    • Learn over 20 drills to build youth wrestlers into future champions
    • Proven system building ideas and drills

    Russ Cozart’s Wrestling Boot Camp 

    • Get your wrestler’s in shape before practice begins
    • Cut down on early season injuries
    • Doubles as a team-building exercises

    Purchase the two DVDs together and save $10:

    Russ Cozart’s Program Building 2-Pack

    New Wrestling DVD: The Crab Ride with Troy Letters

    By nate.landas - Last updated: Friday, September 10, 2010

    We have recently released a new wrestling DVD, Signature Move Series -Troy Letters: The Crab RideTroy Letters, an assistant wrestling coach at Penn State University, was the 2004 NCAA Champion at 165 pounds for Lehigh University. A 3x All American, Letters also claimed runner-up and third-place honors at the NCAA Championships. A serious leg injury kept him from gaining his fourth All-America honor as a senior. Letters completed his collegiate career with an 115-9 overall record.

    Read what former Lehigh University Head Coach, Greg Strobel, said about Letters:

    “Troy is one of the best in the nation with the crab rise.  He has an amazing feel for the crab ride and can show you how to score with it.”


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