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New Volleyball DVD Set Featuring Russ Rose!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Thursday, August 4, 2011

A five disc Volleyball DVD set featuring Russ Rose was recently released.  Rose is a 5x NCAA Head Coach at Penn State University.  The new five disc Volleyball DVD set is titled:

All Access Volleyball Practice with Russ Rose 

  • This DVD set includes over 8 hours of Penn State Volleyball practice
  • Get “all access” to six Russ Rose coached practices, including skill instruction, drills and competitive play
  • Incorporate these championship-caliber drills and philosophies into your program
  • Explore the nuances of Rose’s approach to the game

For more Russ Rose Volleyball DVDs, check out the following titles:

Coaching Mental Toughness on the Court: Strategies and Drills
The Complete Guide to Serving: Technique, Tactics & Drills
Russ Rose’s Back Row Attack
Systems For Team Offense
Quick Attack and Combination Plays
Drills for Defense and Passing
Competitive Wash Drills

New Volleyball DVD: 150 Strength & Conditioning Exercises from Penn State!

By mike.oconnell - Last updated: Monday, June 20, 2011

New Volleyball DVD featuring Cameron Davidson (Penn State’s Strength & Conditioning Coach)! Cameron Davidson opens his training manual and shares everything he uses at Penn State for strength and conditioning. This information-packed DVD includes 150 exercises and variations.

150 Strength and Conditioning Exercises for Volleyball

  • Learn the strength and conditioning secrets of Penn State Volleyball
  • Increase your athlete’s vertical jump, hitting power and defensive range
  • Develop the competitive fire in your athletes as they train

More Volleyball Strength & Conditioning DVDs Include:

Innovative Conditioning for High School Volleyball

Agility and Core Strength

Stretching, Jumping, and Landing

ACL Injury Prevention for Female Athletes

Memorial Day Sale – Save $$ on Softball, Track & Field and Volleyball DVDs!

By mike.oconnell - Last updated: Thursday, May 26, 2011

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New Volleyball DVD: All Access Practice with John Dunning!

By mike.oconnell - Last updated: Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Volleyball DVD featuring John Dunning, Stanford University Head Women’s Volleyball Coach (NCAA Champions in 2004 & 2001)! In this All-Access DVD you will get a close look at 6 Standford practices!

All Access Stanford Women’s Volleyball Practice with John Dunning

  • Each practice includes skills, drills, strategies, and tactics that will improve your team
  • See a “freshman only” session that reveals the indoctrination process for first-year players in the Stanford program
  • This DVD set includes over five hours of volleyball instruction!

For more John Dunning Instruction check out: John Dunning Instructional DVDs

7 Brand New Volleyball DVDs from the 2010 AVCA Convention!

By mike.oconnell - Last updated: Thursday, April 14, 2011

Check out  new hot topics from the 2010 AVCA Convention!

International Setting: Examining the Styles & Techniques of the World’s Best Setters

  • Learn the six key technical elements that all great setters possess
  • Learn how to train these elements into your setter
  • Includes video breakdown of the world’s best female setters

Exploring New Roles for the Libero

  • Learn how to make your libero a “game changer”
  • Breakdown of libero skill set requirements
  • Learn strategies for choosing your libero

Teaching Movement Skills to Beginning & Intermediate Players

  • Movement training for all players from K-12
  • Simple, easy to follow progressions
  • Over 70 fun, rapid fire drills/options demonstrated

Team Talk: Talking Your Way to Volleyball Success

  • Statistical evidence shows more points are won with effective communication
  • Learn innovative skills for teaching effective on-court communication
  • 25 fun, effective and creative activities included

Brazilian Training Drills: Subtle Differences, Dynamic Results

  • Learn new unique drills with a world class Brazilian twist!
  • High energy drills that combine skill development with movement training
  • 15 drill variations that include half court and full court drills

Practicing to Compete

  • Includes strategies to turn any drill into a competition
  • Learn 13 drills to train competitiveness in every phase of the game
  • More competitiveness in practice will carry more competitiveness into games

Serving: Giving Each Player the Tools to Succeed

  • Innovative teaching tools that WORK!
  • Simplified teaching progression for serving
  • Includes instruction for the float, jump float and jump spin serves

More instruction from the 2010 AVCA Convention:

Training a Setter with “Deliberate Practice

The Re-Emergence of the 6-2 System

Winning the Middle: Getting Your Middles More Swings

Swing Blocking: Strategies, Progressions & Drills

Forearm Passing: How the Best Do It

Taking Advantage of Your Disadvantages: Designing Systems That Fit You



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