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New Volleyball DVD: All Access Florida Practice with Mary Wise!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Get a court-side seat at this new Volleyball DVD featuring Mary Wise.  She is the University of Florida Women’s Volleyball Head Coach and the Nation’s Winningest Coach Since 1991.  See what new concepts you can learn from this Volleyball DVD:

All Access Florida Volleyball Practice

  • Learn the systems, techniques, drills and terminology used by national powerhouse Florida Gators in its first week of practice
  • See how to incorporate new players into an established routine to build continuity and ensure success as rosters change year to year
  • Learn to implement progression drills that help identify the strengths and weaknesses of individuals and your team
  • Learn how to utilize assistant coaches to facilitate smooth transitions during practice, maximizing court space, touches, and time limits

Check out other Mary Wise instructional Volleyball DVDs:

Offensive Drill Solutions: Hitting, Passing, & Setting
Competitive Play Solutions: Games for the Game
Defensive Drill Solutions: Serving, Blocking & Digging
Practice Solutions: Planning for Success
Foundations Series: Disc 1: Passing
Foundations Series: Disc 2: Serving
Foundations Series: Disc 3: Individual Defense
Advanced Attacking
Foundations Series: Disc 4: Setting
Foundations Series: Disc 5: Blocking
Foundations Series: Disc 6: Attacking

New Volleyball DVDs featuring speakers from the 2011 American Volleyball Coaches Association Clinic!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Friday, February 24, 2012

New to our Volleyball DVD library are 6 products that feature speakers from the 2011 American Volleyball Coaches Association Clinic!  The coaches who present the instruction here are Cilene Drewnick, Genny Volpe, Barry Lovelace, Ping Cao, Josh Steinbach, Don Shaw.  All of whom are world class coaches in the sport of Volleyball.  The titles of these Volleyball DVDs are:

Building an All-Around Volleyball Athlete with Brazilian Training Methods

  • Learn warm-up drills that emphasize Brazilian ball control techniques
  • See multiple contact drills that stress basic skills
  • Get a relentless focus on developing all skills (passing, setting and hitting) with all players
  • Learn how to speed up drills to maximize repetitions for players
  • Create drills that are fun and develop players quickly
  • Drills to Help Your Team Achieve Success at Crunch Time

  • Learn drills to create competitive scenarios in practice
  • Use alternative scoring methods to emphasize desired skills and behavior
  • Simulate pressure situations by using goal-based drills
  • Motivate players by enforcing accountability
  • Exercises and Drills to Drastically Improve Athlete Performance on the Court

  • Save practice time using this circuit training session to develop core strength and explosive lateral movement
  • Create power in your volleyball skills with core strengthening excercises
  • Get footwork drills that increase speed, reaction time, and first-step quickness and replicates on-court movement
  • Female-specific exercises and modifications to strengthen the knee and help prevent knee injuries
  • Making Optimal Progress in Small Group or Individual Training Sessions

  • Improve your athletes’ volleyball skills in small groups or in individual training
  • Teach quick, precise movements in reaction to the ball
  • Optimize the accuracy and control of your passes
  • Learn a warm-up routine that prevents injury and keeps athletes in top form
  • Serve Receive: Increased Platform Control and Awareness

  • Make your offense more effective with an accurate first contact
  • Gain control and awareness of your passing platform
  • Direct the ball with proper platform angles
  • Tactical Blocking: Systems, Philosophies & Ideas

  • Learn to adapt different defensive strategies to suit your team’s talent
  • Limit the offense your opponents can run
  • Get serving drills to help evaluate talent on defense for maximizing player touches and incorporating more game like situations
  • Teach your players to read and react to hitters and passers

    New Volleyball DVD featuring Mick Haley!

    By nate.landas - Last updated: Tuesday, February 21, 2012

    We have just released a new Volleyball DVD featuring Mick Haley, USC coaching staff and team.  He is a 2x NCAA Champion coach and 2011 PAC-12 coach of the year.  The title of this new Volleyball DVD is:

    All Access USC Volleyball Practice with Mick Haley

  • Learn how to structure a well balanced preseason practice
  • Create a fun, competitive, challenging atmosphere in practice
  • Train focus and intensity with goal-based scrimmaging
  • Improve the accuracy of your passing by beating the ball to the spot
  • Learn techniques for consistent setting, which creates a deceptive offense

    If you like this product, check out the following Mick Haley DVDs:

    Mick Haley’s Defensive Strategies: Individual & Team Skills
    Mick Haley’s Defensive Strategies: Systems & Concepts
    Mick Haley’s Defensive Strategies: Team Drills & Progressions
    Mick Haley’s Winning Strategies: Coaching Rally Scoring
    Mick Haley’s Winning Strategies: Positive Self-Talk & Mental Conditioning

    New All Access Volleyball DVD featuring John Cook!

    By nate.landas - Last updated: Thursday, December 22, 2011

    We have recently released an All Access Volleyball DVD featuring John Cook and the Nebraska coaching staff and team.  He is the head women’s coach at the University of Nebraska and has led his team in the NCAA Championship game twice.  This All Access Volleyball DVD set is called:

    All Access Nebraska Volleyball Practice with John Cook

  • Watch five live John Cook-run practices!
  • See how practice organization can create game-like flow for better hands on learning
  • Learn component type drills, isolating game situations for maximum reps and decision making
  • Get an inside look at a post practice team meeting
  • If you like this DVD, see more John Cook instructional videos below:

    Stretching, Jumping, and Landing

    Agility and Core Strength

    New Volleyball DVD featuring Matt Peck!

    By nate.landas - Last updated: Tuesday, December 13, 2011

    We have recently released a Volleyball DVD featuring Matt Peck.  He is the head women’s coach at Middle Tennessee State and is a 2x Sun Belt conference Coach of the Year.  The title of this new Volleyball DVD is:

    Running a Fast Tempo Offense

  • Overload and overwhelm opposing blockers and defenses
  • Force single or zero block situations for your offense
  • Train setters to set a variety of play sets that will keep your opponents off-balance and guessing
  • Teach a quick, flat passing tempo in order to set up your offense
  • Transition quickly from defense to offense
  • For more offensive Volleyball instruction see the following DVDs:

    Three Middle Hitter Double Quick Offensive System

    Winning Strategy for the 4-2 Offensive System

    Winning Strategy for the 5-1 Offensive System

    Winning Strategy for the 6-2 Offensive System

    The Fast Attack First Tempo Offense

    Quick Attack and Combination Plays

    Systems For Team Offense

    Russ Rose’s Back Row Attack


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