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7 Brand New Volleyball DVDs from the 2010 AVCA Convention!

By mike.oconnell - Last updated: Thursday, April 14, 2011

Check out  new hot topics from the 2010 AVCA Convention!

International Setting: Examining the Styles & Techniques of the World’s Best Setters

  • Learn the six key technical elements that all great setters possess
  • Learn how to train these elements into your setter
  • Includes video breakdown of the world’s best female setters

Exploring New Roles for the Libero

  • Learn how to make your libero a “game changer”
  • Breakdown of libero skill set requirements
  • Learn strategies for choosing your libero

Teaching Movement Skills to Beginning & Intermediate Players

  • Movement training for all players from K-12
  • Simple, easy to follow progressions
  • Over 70 fun, rapid fire drills/options demonstrated

Team Talk: Talking Your Way to Volleyball Success

  • Statistical evidence shows more points are won with effective communication
  • Learn innovative skills for teaching effective on-court communication
  • 25 fun, effective and creative activities included

Brazilian Training Drills: Subtle Differences, Dynamic Results

  • Learn new unique drills with a world class Brazilian twist!
  • High energy drills that combine skill development with movement training
  • 15 drill variations that include half court and full court drills

Practicing to Compete

  • Includes strategies to turn any drill into a competition
  • Learn 13 drills to train competitiveness in every phase of the game
  • More competitiveness in practice will carry more competitiveness into games

Serving: Giving Each Player the Tools to Succeed

  • Innovative teaching tools that WORK!
  • Simplified teaching progression for serving
  • Includes instruction for the float, jump float and jump spin serves

More instruction from the 2010 AVCA Convention:

Training a Setter with “Deliberate Practice

The Re-Emergence of the 6-2 System

Winning the Middle: Getting Your Middles More Swings

Swing Blocking: Strategies, Progressions & Drills

Forearm Passing: How the Best Do It

Taking Advantage of Your Disadvantages: Designing Systems That Fit You


New Volleyball DVDs from the 2011 AVCA Convention!

By mike.oconnell - Last updated: Thursday, February 24, 2011

Learn new Volleyball skills, drills, and strategies from Terry Petitt, Carl Mcgown, Fran Flory, Beth Launiere, Peggy Martin, and Anne Kordes!

Training a Setter with “Deliberate Practice”

  • Learn from legendary coach Terry Pettit
  • Over 20 drills for developing setters
  • Includes individual, partner, and system situational drills

Forearm Passing: How the Best Do It!

  • See statistically-proven forearm passing protocols
  • Learn the five keys to successful forearm passing
  • Learn a drill progression for effectively teaching passing technique

Winning the Middle: Getting Your Middles More Swings

  • Get higher percentage shots by setting your middles more
  • Strategic solutions for your middle hitting challenges
  • Learn how to develop your middle with smaller or slower players
  • Learn strategies, system ideas and drills for creating a fast middle attack

Swing Blocking: Strategies, Progressions & Drills

  • Take advantage of your blockers’ athleticism
  • Allow your blockers to jump higher by fully using their arms
  • Learn a swing blocking progression appropriate for any level player
  • Includes eye sequencing strategies to enhance your blocking game

The Re-Emergence of the 6-2 System

  • Learn the benefits of the 6-2 system
  • Includes rotations in the 6-2
  • Make the most out of your personnel

Taking Advantage of Your Disadvantages: Designing Systems That Fit You

  • Learn how to play with the cards you are dealt
  • Learn how to adapt to unexpected change during the season
  • Includes specific situations for solving position personnel challenges

2 New Youth Volleyball DVDs!

By mike.oconnell - Last updated: Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Two new youth volleyball DVDs! These excellent DVDs feature skill progressions for teaching and developing fundamental volleyball skills!

Junior Volleyball Association presents Mini Volleyball: Youth Volleyball Skills & Games – Volleyball

  • A useful series of expertly-presented skills and games to help your volleyball program flourish
  • Fresh, fun and innovative concepts that will help improve every practice session
  • A “must-have” DVD for anyone involved in teaching volleyball to 6-12 year olds

Junior Volleyball Association presents 35 Japanese Drills for Youth Volleyball

  • 35 fun and effective drills for any youth, middle or high school volleyball program
  • Innovative, creative and purposeful drills to reinforce tempo, timing, balance, coordination, speed, teamwork, footwork, eye-hand coordination and more
  • A “must-have” DVD for anyone coaching youth volleyball

New Volleyball DVD – Competitive Rapid-Fire Practice Drills!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Tuesday, July 20, 2010

We have recently released a new volleyball DVD titled, Rapid-Fire Favorites: Competitive Practice Drills for Success!, featuring Christy Johnson – Lynch.  The DVD will help you:

  • Bring out the competitive fire in your team while sharpening their volleyball skills.
  • Improve your team’s ability to make good, quick decisions.
  • Learn how to change these drills to best fit your team’s skill level and needs.

Christy Johnson – Lynch is the Head Volleyball Coach at Iowa State University.  Johnson-Lynch was named the 2009 Big 12 Coach of the Year as she guided the Cyclones to a school record with 27 overall wins and  17 Big 12 wins.  She has guided ISU to three-straight NCAA Tournament Sweet 16 appearances.

New Volleball DVD Series: Game Speed Drills for Volleyball!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Monday, July 27, 2009

Learn to create a competitive volleyball practice while providing your athletes a game-like experience.  The Game Speed Drills for Volleyball DVD series provides a variety of drills to master each part of the game.  This series contains eight DVDs featuring Kirsten Bernthal-Booth, Jerritt Elliott, Terry Gamble, Chris Gonzalez, Christy Johnson, Anne Kordes, Jim Moore, and Bond Shymansky.  Get ready to improve your volleyball skills today!

Game Speed Serve & Serve Receive Drills
Game Speed Blocking Drills
Game Speed Drills for Training Competitiveness
Game Speed Passing Drills
Game Speed Attacking Drills
Game Speed Ball Control Drills
Game Speed Out of System Transition Drills
Game Speed Setting Drills


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