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Train Your Pole Vaulters Like 2012 Olympic Champion, Jenn Suhr!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Monday, June 17, 2013

Coach Rick Suhr has quickly become one of the world’s top pole vault coaches, coaching his wife Jenn Suhr to Olympic Silver in 2008 and Olympic Gold in 2012. Jenn has been ranked #1 in the World for the last two years and the #1 American pole vaulter since 2006. She holds the American women’s pole vault records both indoors and outdoors, and is the current world indoor record holder at 5.02m.

Track & Field News Presents: Technique & Drills for the Pole Vault

Track & Field News Presents: Technique & Drills for the Pole Vault


  • Learn from one of the world’s best pole vault coach, Rick Suhr
  • Improve every phase of your vault training program
  • Four National Champion demonstrators including 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist Jenn Suhr 


Also, learn more about how you can join former Iowa State track coach, Bill Bergan and Championship Productions in providing running shoes & spikes for African boys and girls.

Improve Your Athlete’s Sprint Mechanics for Better Race Results!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Friday, February 22, 2013

With 33 National Titles and stints as The U.S Men’s National team coach at the 2007 World Championships Coach Pat Henry has established himself as one of the who’s who in U.S Track and Field. Establishing drills such as the wicket drill have helped Coach Henry’s athletes develop Max Velocity Posture, and mechanics that have helped win Numerous NCAA Championships.

Coach Henry walks you through how to set up the wicket drill for both males and females, and for various experience levels.

View an additional clip from Texas A&M Track & Field Series – Drills and Progressions for Championship Sprints, Starts and Relays.  See what other Sprints DVDs we have in our world class Track & Field DVD collection!

Become a Champion in Your Track & Field Event!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Monday, February 18, 2013

Here we have a video series that has been created specifically for female track & field athletes that clearly details how to improve in each event. These Track & Field DVDs include instruction and demonstration from Olympic and collegiate coaches and athletes! See what techniques and drills you can learn to use in your team’s practices or meets.

Becoming a Champion: Discus for Girls’ Track & Field

  • Learn techniques and drills for maintaining your balance and posture to maximize throwing distance
  • Identify common mistakes in your technique and how you can correct them
  • Learn how to prepare – both mentally and physically – for competition

Becoming a Champion: Pole Vault for Girls’ Track & Field

  • Discover how pole weight limits, the bend of the pole, hand placement, grips and more can effect your vaults
  • Use “pool vaulting” to slow down vaulting techniques and safely learn and improve your mechanics
  • Learn multiple teaching progressions that allow the athlete to fine tune their approach to the pole vault

Becoming a Champion: High Jump for Girls’ Track & Field

  • Learn the hows and whys to becoming a better high jumper
  • Teach and develop drills for both experienced and beginning high jumpers
  • See take off techniques for both single- and double-arm jumpers
  • Drills and techniques in this video are demonstrated by both a beginning and a veteran jumper

Becoming a Champion: Triple Jump for Girls’ Track & Field

  • Features former NCAA Triple Jump Champion and Baylor assistant coach Stacey Smith
  • Learn an effective teaching progression that will help you connect the hop, step, and jump phases
  • Over 20 drills to improve your form, strength and distance!
  • Correct performance hampering mistakes in all phases of the jump

Becoming a Champion: Long Jump for Girls’ Track & Field

  • Discover easy-to-use drills you can use to create repetitive and consistent approaches that put you in prime take-off position at the board
  • Create the correct positioning and mechanics for the penultimate step and take-off with customizable box drills
  • Learn safe, effective landing techniques to maximize your jumping distance
  • Utilize a series plyometric drills to create strength and jumping power

Becoming a Champion: 800/1500M for Girls’ Track & Field

  • Get one-on-one middle distance training from US Olympic Coach Rose Monday!
  • Learn a dynamic warm-up that will cut down on injuries and prevent shin splints
  • Develop workouts that add variety to your daily routine while training important physiological functions
  • Learn how to use pool workouts to improve your fitness without the pounding

Becoming a Champion: Hurdles for Girls’ Track & Field

  • Over 30 drills to develop hurdle mobility, form and quickness and help you improve your times
  • Increase your hurdlers’ raw speed
  • Get strength training drills and core exercises to improve explosiveness
  • Review common mistakes made by both rookie and veteran hurdlers, and learn how to fix them

Becoming a Champion: Sprints & Relays for Girls’ Track & Field

  • Learn a series of sprint mechanics and acceleration drills with specific cues to help athletes learn speed-enhancing posture, alignment, and sprint form
  • Teach athletes correct block placement, how to push out of the blocks, and how to maximize the acceleration phase, transition phase and maximum velocity phase
  • Utilize race strategies for all the sprints (100, 200, and 400), as well as strategies and drills to move the baton effectively in 4×100 and 4×400 relays

Becoming a Champion: Javelin for Girls’ Track & Field

  • Learn a safe, effective method for maximizing the distance on your throws and for preventing injuries
  • Learn drills that will increase your strength and improve your throwing form
  • Develop a consistent run-up and release to make the most of every attempt
  • Get tips on meet day preparation

Becoming a Champion: Glide & Spin Shot Put for Girls’ Track & Field

  • 40+ simple and effective drills for the glide and spin shot put
  • Learn a basic warm-up routine created especially for throwers
  • Discover drills specifically designed to develop an explosive release
  • Increase your strength, speed and power

Purchase the Becoming a Champion: Girls’ Track & Field Series and save $90!

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New Mega Drills DVDs for Track & Field!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Learn a variety of drills for every athlete on your track & field team from a some top-level college coaches.  These Track & Field DVDs provide you with detailed explanation and expert demonstration. Check them all out below:

Mega Drills for the Discus

  • Over 45 basic to advanced drills that will keep your throwing practices fresh all season long
  • Get a comprehensive review of discus techniques with demonstrations from elite athletes
  • Train effectively with strength drills and plyometrics specifically for the discus
  • Learn drills to develop proper grip to promote stable flight of the discus

Mega Drills for the Horizontal Jumps

  • Over 40 drills for successful long and triple jumping
  • Achieve maximum velocity at takeoff for longer jumps
  • Add 6″ to 8″ to your jump by learning to land “active”

Mega Drills High Jump

  • Over 30 drills and progressions that will have your athletes soaring to new heights
  • Create a more consistent high jump approach–which leads to more successful jumps
  • Develop proper acceleration, running form, rhythm and posture throughout each step of the approach
  • Utilize a series of plyometric drills to create power and explosion in your jumps

Mega Drills for the Shot Put

  • Build an easy-to-teach drill progression to help athletes connect the various movements of both the glide and rotational shot put
  • Over 25 strength and form drills to build explosive power into your throwers
  • Create coaching cues to help your athletes understand position, balance, and feel within each key position

Purchase the Mega Drills for Track Series and save $20!

New Arkansas Track & Field Series!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Take the guess work out of fixing performance-hindering errors in your track athletes. This series features some high quality coaches that have the knowledge to help you and your team get better.  Win more future meets with these spectacular Track & Field DVDs:

Arkansas Track and Field Presents Common Errors and Corrections Sprints

  • Implement hurdle drills into your daily routine to increase an athlete’s flexibility which will prevent injuries
  • Develop the proper block set-up and starts.
  • Learn drills to teach proper sprint mechanics to develop a more powerful and explosive sprinter
  • Learn how to execute proper handoffs in the 4 x 100 and 4 x 400 relays that will save you precious time

Arkansas Track and Field Presents Common Errors and Corrections Men’s Hurdles

  • Correct common errors in both beginning and experienced hurdlers
  • Over 20 specific drills to help improve your hurdlers
  • Includes specific warm-up drills for the 110m and 400m hurdles

Arkansas Track and Field Presents Common Errors and Corrections Women’s Hurdles

  • Correct common errors that are costing your athletes time
  • Learn over a dozen effective drills to help your hurdlers reach their potential
  • Discover drills to help master the four hurdle preparation zones

Arkansas Track and Field Presents Common Errors and Corrections Long Jump

  • Add distance to your jumps by correcting common errors and implementing proven drills in three key areas
  • Learn how to create a uniform stride pattern to maintain speed throughout the approach
  • Generate more speed, power and distance by correcting and refining your sprint mechanics

Arkansas Track and Field Presents Common Errors and Corrections High Jump

  • Learn to correct common errors that cost your jumpers inches in their jumps
  • Get drills that focus on three key areas to becoming a better high jumper
  • Learn how to develop a consistent approach for effective jumps

Arkansas Track and Field Presents Common Errors and Corrections Triple Jump

  • 10+ simple and effective triple jump drills that will help develop proper technique and eliminate mistakes that hamper performance
  • Develop proper bounding techniques to carry your speed through the last phase of the jump
  • Learn how you can use short approaches in practice to increase jump reps and reduce injuries

Arkansas Track and Field Presents Common Errors and Corrections Shot Put

  • Correct common errors and add distance to your glide and rotational throws
  • Learn simple techniques for adding distance to your throws
  • See specific drills for the front, middle and back of the ring

Arkansas Track and Field Presents Common Errors and Corrections Discus

  • Learn how to correct common errors to add distance to your throws
  • Maximize your throwing distance by making simple changes to your grip
  • See specific drills for the front, middle and back of the ring

Arkansas Track and Field Presents Common Errors and Corrections Javelin

  • Learn to identify technique flaws that reduce the distance of your athletes’ throws
  • Discover drills that will help your athletes prefect their technique
  • Learn runway drills that will help create more consistent throws

Get everything you need to make your Track & Field team better with the Arkansas Track and Field Presents Common Errors and Corrections Series and save $85!


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