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New Track DVDs featuring Clyde Hart!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Monday, February 27, 2012

Our newest Track & Field DVDs feature Clyde Hart.  He is the Baylor University Director of Track and Field and has experience coaching Olympic Champions!  Take a look at his new Track & Field DVDs called:

Coaching Championship Sprint Relays

  • Create great relay teams with average sprinters!
  • Learn the dos & don’ts for 4×100, 4×200, and 4×400 relay success
  • Learn to explain and demonstrate the proper technique for exchanges
  • Clyde Hart has coach 20 National Championship relay teams
  • Coaching Your Athletes to Be Their Very Best

  • Motivate your athletes to achieve their very best
  • Customize Hart’s outstanding, proven training philosophies to fit your program
  • Establish workout and meet routines for your athletes that work for them
  • Create your own athlete-centered coaching philosophy
  • If you like these products, check out more Clyde Hart instruction below:

    Clyde Hart’s 200/400M Sprint Training Program
    Clyde Hart’s Speed Development for Track & Field


    Purchase all 4 DVDs in this post and save $40!

    Clyde Hart 4-Pack

    New Track & Field DVDs featuring the Texas A&M coaching staff!

    By nate.landas - Last updated: Friday, February 3, 2012

    We have 8 new Track & Field DVDs featuring the Texas A&M coaching staff! They are back-to-back-to-back NCAA Champions and Head Coach Pat Henry was the Head Coach for the U.S. National Track & Field team in the 2007 Olympics.  The titles of these recent Track & Field DVDs are:

    Texas A&M Track & Field Series – Drills and Progressions for Championship Sprints, Starts and Relays

  • Learn championship-caliber drills to improve sprint performance
  • Improve sprint mechanics, acceleration and maximum velocity to produce explosive sprinters
  • Learn to properly teach starting block position
  • Get drills to execute perfect relay handoffs every time
  • See drills to teach your athletes proper racing posture
  • Get to top speed faster!
  • Texas A&M Track & Field Series – Drills and Progressions for Championship Sprint Hurdles

  • Get specific training drills to improve both hurdle technique and speed
  • Use training variables to develop and refine hurdle technique based on your athlete’s current level of skill
  • Improve trail leg mechanics and step over acceleration
  • Instruction includes how to adapt these drills to your hurdler’s level
  • Texas A&M Track & Field Series – Drills and Progressions for Championship Discus

  • Includes 30 drills to help your athletes maximize the distance on their throws!
  • Breakdown the wind into easy to learn progressions for your athletes
  • Discover creative spin drills that will teach your athletes the feel of the turn and momentum shift with an implement in hand
  • Add drills to your practices that will help your athletes feel the optimal release point in the throw
  • Assemble a progressive set drills into a great workout that will help your athletes achieve success in the discus
  • Texas A&M Track & Field Series – Drills and Progressions for Championship Glide Shot Put

  • See over 50 drills to build a championship glide shot putter
  • Maximize your athletes’ balance for a more powerful throw
  • Includes a coaching breakdown of an athlete’s throw–correcting errors as they happen
  • Texas A&M Track & Field Series – Drills and Progressions for Championship Javelin

  • Get a step-by-step progression for effectively teaching the javelin throw
  • Includes over 60 javelin throwing drills to maximize your practice time
  • Learn creative strength training techniques suited for the demands of a competitive javelin athlete
  • Texas A&M Track & Field Series – Drills and Progressions for Championship High Jump

  • Develop good mechanics on the ground–to facilitate good mechanics in the air
  • Learn progressive hurdle drills that will program and strengthen the lower body
  • Learn how to initiate and execute the curve portion of the approach
  • Pick up a simple drill to increase outer leg strength used in curve running
  • Texas A&M Track & Field Series – Drills and Progressions for Championship Horizontal Jumps

  • Learn how to coach every aspect of your athlete’s approach
  • Get drills to increase speed and perfect bounding mechanics
  • Includes progressions to make the drills appropriate for athletes of all levels
  • Texas A&M Track & Field Series – Drills and Progressions for Championship Pole Vault

  • Train your vaulters to grip and carry the pole properly
  • Learn to plant and bend the pole correctly
  • Learn Various takeoff drills
  • Get several pole vault specific training exercises to develop shoulder and core strength

    Buy this world class 8 disc series together and save $65!

    Texas A&M Track and Field Drill Series



    All New Track & Field Series: The High School Coach’s Blueprint for Success

    By mike.oconnell - Last updated: Friday, June 3, 2011

    Check out the complete  High School Coach’s Blueprint For Success series! In this DVD presentation you will learn how the top high school coaches in the country manage and coach each event!

    High School Coach’s Blueprint for Success: Sprints

    • Learn the essentials for developing a successful 100 to 400 meter sprint program on and off the track
    • Gain comprehensive strategies and technical insight into seasonal planning, starts, relays and more
    • Learn to develop speed everyday in your practices starting with your warm up

    High School Coach’s Blueprint for Success: Hurdles

    • Get a detailed training plan with a breakdown of seasonal workouts
    • Covers all aspects of coaching high school 100-110 and 300-400 hurdlers
    • Includes strategies to assist with stride patterns for all hurdle events

    High School Coach’s Blueprint for Success: 800M / 1500M

    • Proven methods for training your 800M-1500M runners
    • Get comprehensive training plans with sample workouts
    • Includes downloadable templates for planning
    • Includes year around strategies for building a successful middle distance program

    High School Coach’s Blueprint for Success: High Jump

    • Get a traditional high school season training breakdown
    • Learn how to organize and run your high jump program
    • Includes over 15 drills and multiple full jump demonstrations

    High School Coach’s Blueprint for Success: Horizontal Jumps

    • Get a proven high school season planning guide complete with workout examples
    • See “on the runway” drill progressions that are easy to understand and easy to teach
    • Take the guesswork out of your strength training workouts with this systemized approach

    High School Coach’s Blueprint for Success: Pole Vault

    • Get the drills, techniques, practice schedule and safety essentials you need to coach the pole vault
    • Over 75 drills and variations on the track
    • Over 2.5 hours of pole vault coaching instruction.

    High School Coach’s Blueprint for Success: Throws

    • Over 2 hours of comprehensive instruction on managing and teaching the throws events
    • Includes proven techniques and drills for the glide shot, spin shot and the discus
    • Perfect for coaching all levels of throwers from the first timers to the most experienced

    Purchase the Blueprint For Success Series and save $70! Click here!


    Memorial Day Sale – Save $$ on Softball, Track & Field and Volleyball DVDs!

    By mike.oconnell - Last updated: Thursday, May 26, 2011

    Shop our MEMORIAL DAY SALE and SAVE 25% OFF all Softball, Track & Field and Volleyball DVDs!

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    Shop Softball DVDs

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    New World Class Track & Field DVDs!

    By nate.landas - Last updated: Monday, March 22, 2010

    We have recently released four new track and field DVDs in our World Class Track & Field Series.  The new DVD series feature the world’s preeminent track & field DVDs; featuring technique, drills, and workouts.  Here’s your chance to watch Olympic athletes go through their progressions with instruction from their coaches!

    World Class High Jump featuring Dusty Jonas and Gary Pepin
    World Class Javelin Throw featuring Mike Hazle and Tom Pukstys
    World Class Discus Throw featuring Brian Bedard and Casey Malone
    World Class Shot Put featuring Don Babbitt and Reese Hoffa


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