Prevent Injury and Improve Performance with These Core Exercises!

A strong core is the foundation upon which all movement is based. Watch as strength & conditioning coach, Tim McClellan, helps athletes prepare the body for all movements in every direction. Developing core strength will help your athletes stay injury free and improve their performance. Core Strengthening Exercises There are multiple core exercises presented above such as the front plank, side plank, […]

Volleyball Specific Plyometrics for Beginners and Warm-Ups!

Tim McClellan has coached hundreds of elite athletes including Olympic gold medalists and knows what plyometrics are essential to volleyball. These low level plyometric exercises help develop the ability to land and jump quickly repeatedly. Low Level Plyometrics CHECK OUT more valuable insight from an additional clip of “Becoming a Champion: Off Season Strength & Conditioning […]

New Basketball DVDs featuring Tim McClellan, Dana Altman, Tim Jankovich, Don Showalter!

We have recently released 8 Basketball DVDs to help improve all aspects of your team’s game.  These DVDs contain instruction from Tim McClellan, Dana Altman, Tim Jankovich, Don Showalter.  The titles of these new Basketball DVDs are: Becoming a Champion Basketball Player: Off Season Strength & Conditioning Tim McClellan has trained NBA and NFL athletes and […]