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Excellent Setting Instruction featuring a USA Volleyball Award Winner!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Monday, November 12, 2012

Get an inside look into the AVCA Clinic with instruction from former NCAA Championship Coach at the University of Nebraska, Terry Pettit.   He was also a 3x National Coach of the Year and a USA Volleyball All-Time Great Coach Award Winner.  See how you can train your setters to be able to perform well in a variety of situations.  These drills can be used to develop a better overall player!

It is important that all players learn how to set properly.  Try to provide tips to your players while they continue through the drills.  This will make it more realistic and you will avoid stopping every time to make a coaching point. Also, maintain a steady head level with all of these drills.

Check out an additional clip from the product page of “The Journey to Extraordinary Coaching.”  See high quality Setting DVDs and other Volleyball DVDs from our huge video library!

Great Volleyball Books for Your Summer Reading!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Monday, July 30, 2012

Take a look at six new books for Volleyball Instruction featuring top volleyball coaches such as Pete Waite and Terry Pettit!  Read about drills and find your inspiration with these books.  These coaches are very insightful and will give you great practice and game concepts.  The titles of these six new books for Volleyball Instruction are:

 The Volleyball Drills Book

The Volleyball Drill Book presents 125 drills compiled by two of volleyball’s top coaches, Teri Clemens and Jenny McDowell. This book from The American Volleyball Coaches Association includes drills to improve skill development, team tactics, and conditioning and uses drills that simulate real game situations to enhance in-match performance. It is the most comprehensive resource for today’s players and coaches.

Volleyball for Boys and Girls

This book takes into account that the age of 6 to 14 years is the most convenient for learning. It is this age in which the greatest biological growth and the development of technique, speed and agility happens – and therefore in which the basics for a great volleyball player can be learned.

Handbook for Competitive Volleyball

The primary focus of this book is to develop an all-around/universal athlete into a specialised athlete. This progression is discussed with references to setting, outside hitting, middle hitting, back-row hitting, serving, outside blocking, middle blocking, defence, coverage, and service reception and will be connected to related service reception, offensive, and defensive formations.

Coaching Volleyball Technical and Tactical Skills

Written in conjunction with renowned collegiate volleyball coach Cecile Reynaud, Coaching Volleyball Technical and Tactical Skills helps coaches teach players essential volleyball skills and transfer the knowledge and ability they gain in practice to matches.

Supplemented by more than 115 photos, this book provides in-depth discussions and coaching cues on the basic and intermediate technical skills of volleyball, both offensive and defensive, and shows how to detect and correct errors in players’ performance.with Cecile Reynaud, former Florida State University Head Volleyball Coach.

Talent and The Secret Life of Teams

Terry Pettit led Nebraska Volleyball to 21 conference championships and an NCAA National Championship in 1995, while developing more All-Americans and Academic All-Americans than any other coach in the country. He continues to mentor coaches and leaders throughout the nation and has direct The Summit for Extraordinary Coaching in Vail, Colorado each June.

Aggressive Volleyball

In Aggressive Volleyball, renowned coach Pete Waite will help you identify the most effective tactics based on the strengths of your team and the talent of the players on the floor. You will learn to recognize your opponents’ tendencies and make in-game adjustments to shut down the opponents and take over the game.

New Volleyball DVD featuring Terry Pettit!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Monday, June 18, 2012

New to our Volleyball DVD library is instruction featuring Terry Pettit.  Coach Pettit is the Director of Leadership Academies at the University of Denver and Colorado State University as well as a 3x National Coach of the Year.  The name of the latest Volleyball DVD release is:

The Journey to Extraordinary Coaching

  • Features 3x NCAA Championship Coach Terry Pettit
  • Use Pettit’s “Winning Pyramid” to build a successful program
  • Develop championship behaviors for your athletes so they know what is expected of them

Interested in more world class instruction from legendary volleyball coach, Terry Pettit? See the following proudcts below:

Training a Setter with “Deliberate Practice”
Talent and The Secret Life of Teams


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