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New Swimming DVD release featuring Sam Freas!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Check out our newest Swimming DVD that features 2012 NAIA Championship Coach, Sam Freas.  Coach Freas is a 9x Conference Coach of the Year and coach of the South African national swim team.  The title of this brand new Swimming DVD is:

All Access Swimming Practice with Sam Freas

  • See how a National Championship coach designs practices both in and out of the pool–live!
  • Learn small adjustments you can make in practice to improve meet performance
  • Acheive maximum results with minimal facilities and equipment available
  • Get innovative drills to build strength, power and quickness in your swimmers


New Swimming DVDs featuring Jack Bauerle, Ray Looze, Rich DeSelm, and Kelly Kremer!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Tuesday, December 20, 2011

There are four new Swimming DVDs we have recently released featuring Jack Bauerle, Ray Looze, Rich DeSelm, and Kelly Kremer.  All of these coaches are the best in swimming and have many achievements to go along with their experience.  The four Swimming DVDs are called:

Start to Finish Freestyle

  • Use simple drills to enhance your swimmer’s freestyle technique
  • Implement proper progressions to use with younger swimmers and use exaggerated drills to “un-teach” bad habits
  • Analyze stroke patterns and breathing patterns that best fit your swimmers depending on the event
  • Identify common errors and how to correct deficiencies in stroke
  • Develop a coaching strategy for your swimmers while competing
  • Start to Finish Backstroke

  • Learn the wide (Y) entry and shallow pull for faster tempo and dynamic catch
  • Learn the four drills you need to establish championship backstroke
  • Build the elements of a backstroke start that works for each individual swimmer
  • Develop two techniques for fast backstroke finishes
  • Teach every component of a backstroke turn and kick out
  • Use simple training aids to engage the core and increase power
  • Start to Finish Butterfly

  • Minimize resistance in the water
  • Energize your races without fatigue
  • Maintain a rhythmic butterfly stroke
  • Synchronize breath and kick cycles
  • Start to Finish Breaststroke

  • Learn to improve breaststroke speed through greater stroke economy
  • Improve forward movement in the water with tight/strong kicking actions
  • Develop a fast, efficient turn
  • Buy all four of these DVDs together and save $20!

    Start to Finish Women’s Swimming Technique Series

    New Swimming DVDs Featuring Mark Onstott

    By nate.landas - Last updated: Friday, November 11, 2011

    We have recently released four Swimming DVDs featuring Mark Onstott.  He has coached his team to five team state championships(IL).  These four new Swimming DVDs are titled:

    High School Coaching Academy: Building a Championship Program 

    • Includes 14 essential focus areas that are the framework for program success
    • Learn how to develop winning behaviors with your swimmers
    • Learn proven strategies for providing the most positive swimming experience for your athletes and their parents

    High School Coaching Academy: Strokes, Starts, Turns and Breakouts 

    • Complete skill set with teaching progressions for all four strokes, starts and turns
    • Includes demonstrators with varying ability offering a more realistic look at how to develop beginning high school swimmers and how to refine more advanced swimmers
    • Easy to understand and easy to implement drill progressions
    • Over 2.5 hours of technique instruction
    • Common errors and corrections included

    High School Coaching Academy: Training and Workout Strategies 

    • Learn to create a high school seasonal plan
    • Get a detailed breakdown of five seasonal training phases
    • Includes strategies and creative workout ideas
    • Make the most of your practice time by organizing your team into productive training groups

    High School Coaching Academy: Dryland Training Program 

    • Build strength, speed, explosive power and endurance into your swimmers
    • Learn how to organize an in-season high school dryland program
    • See demonstrations of 60 exercises/variations
    • Focuses on six specific muscle groups for swimmers

    Purchase the High School Coaching Academy: Swimming Series and save $20:

    High School Coaching Academy: Swimming Series

    Winner of the Grand Prize Drawing for the Swimming Survey!

    By nate.landas - Last updated: Wednesday, September 28, 2011

    Championship Productions would like to thank everyone who completed the swimming survey! Your feedback is much appreciated! We would like to congratulate Colin Smyth, a volunteer assistant club coach from the United Kingdom, on winning the grand prize drawing of $250 in DVDs!

    New Training Manuals & Workouts for Faster Swimming!

    By mike.oconnell - Last updated: Tuesday, May 10, 2011

    Improve your technique, strength, and conditioning to become a more efficient and faster swimmer! Learn the fundamentals and training methods that are being used to become the best!

    Fundamentals of Fast Swimming

    Fundamentals of Fast Swimming with Gary Hall Sr. reduces the complex laws that govern all stroke techniques, drag, motion and inertia, into simple and meaningful training methods. For each of these fundamentals, specific drills are demonstrated that will help swimmers improve their efficiency and speed in the water. Shot on location in the Florida Keys, this film combines the beauty and natural environment of the Keys with some of the most advanced science in swimming. Discover the important details of swimming technique that separate the fastest swimmers in the world from all the others.

    Three Styles of Freestyle

    The World Team consists of over 20 swimmers training at The Race Club under world-renowned sprint coach Mike Bottom. They are all focused on one goal, Gold. Shot at their training location in the Florida Keys, this film documents the innovative philosophies and training methods of The Race Club, including ten-time Olympic medalist Gary Hall Jr. Discover the secrets of Mike Bottom’s Three Styles of Freestyle in preparing his athletes for the biggest stage in sport.



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