Reduce Injury and Improve Strength with These Great Core Exercises!

Gain some excellent strength & conditioning drills from John Cook, University of Nebraska Head Volleyball Coach and 2x National Championship Coach.  The crab walk and the bear crawl will help you improve core strength.  Develop more athletic volleyball players today! These drills can be done anywhere, on any flat surface.  It is important to lead with your […]

Conditioning Tips and Core Workouts Perfect for the Preseason

With the 2013 lacrosse season getting ramped up, it’s now a perfect time for players to focus on conditioning, strength training, and getting into game shape. Follow along with Syracuse University Strength & Conditioning Olympic Sports Director Veronica Dyer as she leads you through a variety of core exercises and conditioning tips that are particularly effective for […]

New Football-Specific Strength & Conditioning Instruction!

Check out one of our latest Football DVDs featuring strength and conditioning coach, Tim McClellan (M.S., C.S.C.S.).  He has years of experience working with college, professional and Olympic athletes.  The name of this new Football DVD is: Becoming a Champion Football Player: Off-Season Strength and Conditioning  Learn a neurological warm-up that prepares the muscles for […]