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Learn Posture and Position Techniques to Improve Your Sprinter’s Starts!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Friday, October 18, 2013

In 2012, Mark Brady coached his team to a 5-A State Championship in Texas and has some great advice to offer your sprinters on their starts. It is important to be in a push position in the blocks and then rise to the vertical position after they start.

See how to develop great strength to remain in the starting push position longer throughout the beginning of the race.

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Essential Swimming Techniques for a Fast Start!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Friday, August 30, 2013

This instructional clip features legendary swimming coach, Richard Quick. The demonstration of a fast start is accompanied by Coach Quick’s explanations of how to pick a “hole in the water” and take a deep plunge through it.

Other key aspects in this drill are lining up the arms and dropping the front knee.

Watch and learn more valuable tips from an additional clip of Championship Winning Starts. See other high quality Richard Quick DVDs in our massive Swimming DVD collection!

Develop Proper Sprint Mechanics to Run Faster!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Friday, March 22, 2013

Texas A&M Head Coach, Pat Henry, is a recognized master at coaching the sprints. One of the things that makes a master coach is the ability to take a complex action, such as moving your body at maximum speed, and breaking that action down. It also is the sign of a master coach to be able to teach those points in a clear manner to other coaches and athletes. Many coaches are familiar with the “high knee” or “A-march” drill, but may not be aware of its importance for building correct sprint mechanics. For Coach Henry, in his own words…”This is where we start..” This drill develops the mechanics and posture needed for sprinting. Take a look at some special coaching points below the video:

1) The athlete needs to have an “ankle cocked” position. The “ankle cocked” position allows rebound and spring and proper form. “Toe –up” and “Ankle-Up” and even “Dorsi-flexed” are all cues to get the athlete to get the proper position. The foot should land under the knee, not be reaching forward.

2) Separation of the arms is important. By this Coach Henry means that the arms should be driving both forward and back. As a coach from the side you should be able to see both elbows as the athlete drives, one reaching forward, the other driving back. The arms are active, and from the front the motion you see should be backwards and forward, with little if any cross body action.

3) The athlete should be tall as they run. The body from the hips up is erect, with no or little lean forward and none backwards. A good coaching point in this series is that “the athlete should be two inches taller as they run.” Basically the extension of the legs into full position gives you this “tallness” in running.

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Be the First Off the Starting Blocks!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Monday, December 3, 2012

Watch and learn from former All-American swimmer and current assistant coach at Auburn, Bill Pilczuk.  He will show you how to get out to a great start in your next race with body positioning work.  It is important to have balance on the starting block and this will allow you to shed seconds off your time. 

In this segment Coach Pilczuk, discusses the proper foot positioning on the block to attain the ideal balance position for a more explosive take-off.  This includes which foot to place forward, the positioning of the front and back foot, and the leg angles that provide for a powerful start.

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Begin All Your Races Faster with Legendary Swimming Instruction!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Monday, December 3, 2012

Get quality start instruction for every stroke from 12X NCAA Championship Coach, David Marsh.  Coach Marsh, along with former All-American Swimmer at Auburn, Bill Pilczuk, has his demonstrators show you forward starts for various strokes: freestyle, butterfly, and breaststroke.  Be better prepared for the start of all your races.

During this demonstration of full speed starts, Marsh and Pilczuk, discuss transitioning from the entry into the breakout on the start.  In order to have a strong, fast start, it is critical to hold your speed throughout the breakout.

View an additional clip from the product page of “Swimming Faster! Turns for all Strokes.”  See more great Starts DVDs and Turns DVDs  as well as other world class Swimming DVDs from our massive collection!


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