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Partner Exercises to Work on Your Defensive Mindset!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Experienced U.S. Lacrosse Women’s National team coach, Amy Bokker, puts together a defensive drill that is sure to prepare defenders of all levels to focus on the fundamentals of their defensive approach. Her ‘Defensive Box Breakdown Step Drill’ is a great way to start off partner work with a defensive mindset to get a lot of reps in before going into a small game environment.

Defensive Box Breakdown Step Drill

Drill Setup

You begin the drill with (4) cones and (2) players. Set up a rectangle about 15 x 8 yards. Players will begin on opposite sides of the rectangle (15 yards away from each other).

Player Movements 

The player that starts off with the ball will play defense, she will pass the ball outside of the box to the attacker, drop her stick and work hard to quickly make contact with her attacker as high as she can and as quickly as possible on an angle. She will do this 5 more times and then become the attacker.

After each partner has played defense, have the defender then utilize her lacrosse stick and concentrate on presenting the lane she wants the attacker to take by taking away the strong side with her stick and continuing to keep her defensive focus.

Drill Tips

– Body Positioning: Approaching at an angle to force your attacker out of the box
– Good Footwork: Breaking down your steps to keep the attackers movement lateral (east/west vs. north south)
– Good Hand Positioning: To control your attacker, turn her back and slow her down.


Check out an additional clip from the Championship Productions’ DVD “Take Charge Defensive Drills.” If you’re interested in more Women’s Lacrosse drills, click here.

Create a Deceptive Attack with Effective Backsetting!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Friday, December 6, 2013

AVCA Hall of Famer, John Dunning, directs one of his players to show you how to backset properly. Learn to make an effective set without giving it away to the defense that a backset is coming.

Backsetting Drill

Quick, short, and powerful arm extensions will help you best to achieve a great backset.

View an additional clip from the video: Becoming a Champion Setter.  Also, view other Setting videos from our massive Volleyball collection!

Improve Communication and Movement with this Three Team Drill

By nate.landas - Last updated: Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Member of the US Women’s Lacrosse National team coaching staff, Amy Bokker, has her players demonstrate a 3v3v3 Draw Drill. This is a great drill for lacrosse players of all levels to develop their offensive and defensive skills. Your offense will improve on maintaining possession while the defense will learn to work together to close down space.

3v3v3 Draw Drill

Player Movements: Begin the drill with 3 teams (Pinnie Dark/Light/No Pinnie or 3 different colors if you have that option). Dark and Light will begin by taking the draw with No Pinnie close by in the circle (each team will rotate to take the draw control). Each team will have 2 teammates outside the draw circle ready to get the draw and maintain possession for either 5 passes or 1 minute within the parameters. The two teams that do not get draw possession will work together and immediately double the ball.

Drill Essentials: The attack focus on the drill is to keep your feet moving to maintain position and moving to space. While the defensive focus is to double team the ball as well as her teammates, and maintain good communication to quickly identify where to double team.

Drill Tips: Although this drill has a collegiate focus with only 2 teammates on the draw circle this makes for a great progression opportunity for youth/high school level athletes. After each team gets 3 to 5 draw control attempts you can progress to a 4v4v4 and 5v5v5 environment.

Check out an additional clip from the Championship Productions’ DVD “Take Charge” Defensive Drills.” If you’re interested in more Women’s Lacrosse videos, click here.

Create a Stronger Attack by Improving Setting Accuracy!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Friday, October 4, 2013

4x NCAA Championship coach, John Dunning, provides you with a couple exercises that will help you with setting technique and accuracy. The Rainbow Drill and the One Set Drill are great for working on setting the ball at different heights and angles.

Look at the extension of your athlete’s arms and hands as they set the ball. It is important that they extend completely through all the various types of sets shown in the clip above.

View an additional clip from the DVD: Becoming a Champion Setter.  Also, view other Setting videos from our massive Volleyball DVD collection!

5 New Basketball Videos featuring Coale, Vanderveer, Reed, Signorelli, and Allende!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Monday, September 9, 2013

Discover new basketball instruction with plenty of skills and drills to improve your team! You will gain knowledge from great coaches around the world that will offer you new ideas and concepts to help your players get better. Take a look at what content each of these five new Basketball videos will provide you. 

Purchase any of these 3 DVDs for a discounted price of only $99.99! Click here to start saving now!

Sherri Coale: My Favorite Practice Drills

Sherri Coale: My Favorite Practice Drills

  • Learn how to use passing drills to improve your team’s ball control and turnover ratio
  • Discover how to make your drills building blocks and game-like
  • Learn how to use shooting drills that reinforce the cuts and general motion that exist within your offense
  • Discover the value of emphasizing spacing in every drill and every situation 


Tara VanDerveer: 25 Perimeter and Post Skill Development Drills

Tara VanDerveer: 25 Perimeter and Post Skill Development Drills

  • Discover over 25 different drills that will improve your perimeter, post players, and team concepts
  • Learn drills that use different types of equipment to challenge your players
  • Learn to combine passing, shooting, dribbling, conditioning, and defense into your drills
  • Discover the keys to making your players better offensively 


Brett Reed: Effective Transition Game at Both Ends of the Court

Brett Reed: Effective Transition Game at Both Ends of the Court

  • Minimize your opponent’s ability to score easy baskets in transition
  • Discover clear, simple rules for transition defense scenarios with one, two and three players back
  • Train your players to handle numbers down situations on defense and improve their chances of getting the stop 



Marcelo Signorelli: International Style Man-to-Man Defense

Marcelo Signorelli: International Style Man-to-Man Defense

  • Learn how to guard the ball, how to defend backdoor cuts and how to deny the post from Uruguayan Coach of the Year, Marcelo Signorelli
  • Use 3-on-3 play to teach your players to stop a variety of offensive schemes
  • Learn the basic concepts of help defense emphasized in international play



Daniel Allende: Offense the Argentinian Way

Daniel Allende: Offense the Argentinian Way

  • Learn how to turn a less athletic team into a formidable force on the offensive end of the court
  • Discover how the Argentinian-style flex offense can enhance your teams decision making in late game or shot clock situations
  • Learn a simple fast break action that leads right into the flex offense and provides a great look at the basket early in the possession




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