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In case you missed it, the March 12th edition of Sports Illustrated featured the article “First Line of Defense” by Luke Winn highlighting world-renowned basketball coach Dick Bennett along with Championship Productions. The piece spotlights Bennett’s effective “Pressure Defense” system along with a most recent version as well. You can read “First Line of Defense” […]

‘Sports Illustrated’ features Dick Bennett and Championship Productions!

This week’s edition of ‘Sports Illustrated’ features an article with world class basketball coach Dick Bennett and Championship Productions.  Dick Bennett is a former Washington State University Head Coach and former University of Wisconsin Head Coach.  Take a look at a classic and an updated version of pressure defense, both by Coach Bennett and mentioned in the article from […]

Bob Knight Basketball DVD featured in Sports Illustrated!

The Bob Knight Basketball DVD Series was featured in Sports Illustrated by writer, Luke Winn.  Winn was reminded of Coach Knight’s pursuit of perfection and teaching the game “the right way.”  The article titled “Newly released DVDs reminder of Knight’s brilliance as a teacher,” offer insight into the DVDs.  The article can be read on the SI website: