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4 New Video from the 2013 Nike Coach of the Year Clinic!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Friday, October 11, 2013

If you missed the 2013 Nike Coach of the Year Football Clinics or you want to refresh yourself on the material, then check out these four videos below from 2x State Championship coach, Carl Johnson, and J.T. Curtis, who has accumulated over 500 wins throughout his high school coaching career! See what you can learn to incorporate into practice or the next game.

Offensive Practice Planning and Split Veer Offense

Offensive Practice Planning and Split Veer Offense

  • Discover the coaching philosophies of J.T. Curtis, 2012 USA Today National HS Coach of the Year and 25x Louisiana High School State Champion
  • Learn the basics of J.T. Curtis’s split back veer offense
  • See a complete break down of a week of offensive practice


Defensive Practice Planning and 50 Front Defense vs. the Spread

Defensive Practice Planning and 50 Front Defense vs. the Spread

  • Learn how to effectively adjust your 50 front defense to the spread offense
  • Get a weekly practice schedule for working on both the 50 and nickel fronts
  • Learn blitzes to incorporate into your 50 front defensive scheme versus the spread
  • Discover concepts for more effective scout team execution in practice


Winning the Special Teams Battle: Organization & Installation

Winning the Special Teams Battle: Organization & Installation

  • Save time during the season by developing a pre-season installation plan for special teams
  • Learn the critical Keys to Success for installing and organizing your special teams
  • Learn how to create charts for game day to help stay organized



Winning the Special Teams Battle: Game Planning 

Winning the Special Teams Battle: Game Planning

  • Discover key factors that need to be considered in order to get the “upper hand” with your special teams
  • Learn how to game plan for every facet of special teams play
  • Create useful charts for a “comprehensive” scouting report that details your opponents’ special teams units
  • Learn how to incorporate HUDL into your special teams game planning



Improve All Aspcets of Your Football Team with High Quality Football Insight!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Wednesday, August 7, 2013

There are six new Football DVDs/Downloads from CSU-Pueblo: 3-4 Defense, Zone Read, Passing Game & Special Teams. Learn how CSU-Pueblo went from start-up to #1 in the nation in only 3 years! Get all of coaching and athlete needs with these exceptional Football products!

Attacking Defensive Line Play for the 3-4 Defense

Attacking Defensive Line Play for the 3-4 Defense

  • Learn essential rules for becoming a run stopper
  • Avoid coaching the aggressiveness out of your D-line
  • Learn why your defensive linemen are popping up and what you can do to help them maintain a low pad level
  • Discover drills to help you develop the complete defensive lineman



Attacking Linebacker Play in the 3-4 Defense

Attacking Linebacker Play in the 3-4 Defense

  • Turn your linebackers into “heat seeking missiles”
  • Learn essential drills for teaching footwork, taking on blocks, getting off blocks, open field tackling and more
  • Train your backers to play fast and attack the line of scrimmage




Attacking Defensive Back Play in the 3-4 Defense

Attacking Defensive Back Play in the 3-4 Defense

  • Develop a takeaway culture in your defensive secondary; turnovers don’t just happen, they’re created
  • Get 11 drills for increasing turnover ratio
  • Understand the basic 3-4 defensive scheme and the pass coverage used within it




Zone Read Scheme Rules, Techniques and Drills

Zone Read Scheme Rules, Techniques and Drills

  • Develop an effective weak and strong side zone run scheme
  • Learn fundamentals and techniques for footwork and hand placement used in zone blocking
  • Learn drills to build a successful lineman for the zone running game




Teaching and Installing the ThunderWolf Passing Game

Teaching and Installing the ThunderWolf Passing Game

  • Design a drop back passing scheme that remains simple in multiple formations
  • Increase your completion rate using a “closed” secondary read or an “open” secondary read
  • Install play action, quick, and drop back passing game protections for both odd and even fronts
  • Learn how to use video game technology to help your team learn passing game concepts through countless “mental reps”



Drills and Schemes for Special Teams

Drills and Schemes for Special Teams

  • Discover schemes and drills for four areas of special teams: Kick, kick return, punt and punt return
  • Learn new schemes to simplify the punt return while increasing its effectiveness
  • Learn how to reduce penalties when attempting to block punts
  • Use “expose” drills to determine which players have the natural skills for each of these units



Get more for your money when purchase any 3 Football DVDs($39.99 or less) for only $99.99!


Essential Face-Off Techniques: Proper Hand and Foot Placement

By adam.warner - Last updated: Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Looking to be a difference-maker at the face-off X this season? Follow along with Syracuse assistant men’s lacrosse coach Kevin Donahue as he breaks down proper hand and foot placement when it comes to face-offs. These must-have tips and techniques will go a long way towards improving your fundamentals as you look to make strides in your face-off play.

Hand Placement

First, your top hand should be as high as the rules allow you to get. The further up you can get, the better (and obviously playing within the rules of the game). This is where the force is going to come from. If you are down lower, you will lose a lot of leverage.

Eventually you have to make a decision about which grip to use. Do you go with a regular grip or a reverse/motorcycle grip? Well, both have advantages. For instance, the reverse grip can be quite effective, but it limits what other moves you can use. Meanwhile, the regular grip allows you to have more counters and helps disguise what you are doing a little more.

All the while, your left hand is really important and don’t use it effectively enough. Where you place your left hand depends on which  move you are going to do.

*Now follow closely as Coach Donahue provides some examples of proper hand placement during face-offs.

Tip #1 — If your hand is close to your other hand, with a very short movement, your handle can go a long way. While it can be quick, the problem with this is that with your hands that close, you lose power. If the opponent is using a power move on you, you won’t have any strength.

Tip #2 — If you bring your hand all the way down to the end of the stick, your hand has to move farther and it’s much slower. But you have power.

Foot Placement

When it comes to your feet, they MUST be able to support what you are doing with your hands. For example, most kids in lacrosse camps have their feet back too far on face-offs. In this position, they simply won’t be able to move their hands very well.

Therefore, keep the right foot close to the hands. This will allow a player to get his weight off of his hands, also allowing the athlete to get their right shoulder over the ball, which is where you want to be anyway.

Meanwhile, the placement of the left leg is a bit trickier. It can actually take a while for a player to figure out where he wants it and what works best. Many times it often depends on the size of the player. For instance, taller guys may have to stick their leg out a little because otherwise it’s just not comfortable any other way.

Also, try turning in a little bit, especially if clamping. This will really help you get to where you want to go.

The previous clips can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD The Encyclopedia of Face-Offs.” To check out more lacrosse videos featuring face-off tips and techniques, click here. 

New Football DVDs featuring the University of Central Florida coaching staff!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Wednesday, March 7, 2012

This is a new Football DVD release that features the University of Central Florida coaching staff.  The 2010 conference USA Champions give you a variety of instruction in this video set.  The titles in this Football DVD series are:

Building the Complete Running Back

  • Blast through defenders, fall forward and protect the ball on every play
  • Focus on toughness, production, balance, quickness and strength to improve your backs
  • Create the “Complete Back” concept to increase the effectiveness of running, receiving, blocking and most importantly faking
  • Learn how to spot a potentially great running back to increase your recruiting effectiveness
  • Set goals and objectives for your RBs so they know your expectations and understand their role in the offense
  • Help your running backs understand who to key on and watch for on defense
  • Championship Wide Receiver Techniques

  • Improve your receivers’ blocking skills to open up the big play potential in your run game
  • 16 fundamentals of stalk blocking
  • Learn why the first four steps in a pass route are critical
  • Teach your receivers to attack the ball in flight and the level of concentration required to make the catch
  • 10 keys to ball security to reduce turnovers
  • Pass Protection Techniques, Slide Concepts and Drills

  • Master 3- and 4-man slide protections
  • Discover a drill progression that will allow your players to “take it to the game”
  • 5 daily drill pass protection techniques
  • 4 keys to evaluate technique & performance
  • The triangle read system in slide protection
  • The Complete Guide to Special Teams

  • Instruction on all four phases of special teams!
  • UCF special teams ranked No. 2 in the nation in 2010
  • Discover a simple punt coverage technique that forces the returner to change directions and slow down
  • Essential drills to for setting up blocks you need to spring your punt returner
  • Learn strategies to properly align your players for successful punt and kick-off coverage
  • Stopping the Spread Offense with the 4-2-5 / 4-3 Defense

  • Learn to scheme against a precision-timed offense with explosive capabilities
  • Read the alignment of receivers and running backs that tip-off what play may be coming
  • See how to change up line and linebacker play to give you appropriate numbers at the point of attack
  • Minimize the effectiveness of dangerous multi-formation offenses
  • Position Techniques and Drills for Defensive Back Play

  • Ensure the fastest take off with no false steps to maintain coverage or attack the run
  • Develop the proper pedal to maintain leverage and cushion on receivers
  • Perform the plant drive techniques to screw in your toe and accelerate
  • Understand the formations, player alignments and DB key reads
  • Developing Attack-Based Pass Rushers

  • Learn 5 key points for attacking a soft set offensive linemen with the bull rush move
  • Effectively attack quick setting offensive linemen
  • Build an effective speed rush to take advantage of speed mismatches on the line
  • Learn to identify and exploit any offensive lineman’s characteristics
  • Linebacker Fundamentals, Techniques and Reads

  • Get over 20 drills to develop the most important tools of the trade for all linebackers
  • Coach linebackers the proper reads, to recognize keys, and react to offensive movements
  • Use multiple blocking and tackling drills to increase read and reaction skills of linebackers
  • Develop a pre-snap mental checklist that puts linebackers in the best position to be successful
  • Purchase these 8 DVDs as a set and save $65!

    UCF Technique, Skills and Drills Series


    Also, check out these other great products featuring high quality instruction from the University of Central Florida coaching staff:

    The “Wild Knight” Wildcat Offense
    Principles of the Zone Read Option Offense



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