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New Softball DVDs featuring Mike Estes!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Friday, February 10, 2012

Here are a couple Softball DVDs we have recently released featuring Mike Estes.  His team finished 2011 as one of the top 10 high school teams in the nation.  Check out these two Softball DVDs titled:

The Game-Ready Approach to Softball Practice

  • Save practice time by simultaneously building your athletes’ skills and fitness
  • Discover warm-up throws that activate the muscles, create 12-6 backspin, and drill-in proper mechanics
  • Run infield practice that covers ground balls, bunts, throws to the bases, and double plays
  • Develop outfield skills to improve reads, catching, and conditioning while also emphasizing quick, accurate throws
  • Teach team defense that connects infielders to infielders, outfielders to infielders and creates excellent communication across the field
  • Get your players into a base-running progression that focuses on footwork and connection to the coaches
  • 15 Hitting Drills for a Balanced and Explosive Swing

  • 15 drills you can use daily as an athlete or coach to develop a balanced and explosive swing
  • Breakdown and eliminate common swing flaws
  • Explode on contact with every pitch

    Purchase the two DVDs together and save $10!
    Mike Estes 2-Pack

    New Softball DVDs featuring Kyla Holas!

    By nate.landas - Last updated: Wednesday, December 21, 2011

    We have produced three new Softball DVDs featuring Kyla Holas.  She is a 2X Conference USA Coach of the Year for the University of Houston as well as a former 3x All American.  These Softball DVDs are called:

    Creating the Complete Slap Hitter

    • Learn creative and competitive drills that will develop consistent slap hitters
    • Master slapping techniques including contact slap, power slap, and the bunt — and know when to use them
    • Get over 15 drills to maximize the uniquely personal talents of your individual slappers
    • Employ proven techniques to keep the defense guessing
    • Get base running tips that enhance the importance of scoring runs and putting pressure on the defense

    Creating the Complete Outfielder

    • Learn drill progressions to improve footwork, throwing, ground balls and fly balls for outfielders
    • Get coaching tips to improve your team’s diving skills
    • Learn effective techniques to efficiently play balls off or near the fence

    Creating an Effective Screw Ball and Curve Ball

    • Take advantage of hitters with bat path issues
    • Develop more spin, movement, and accuracy on your pitcher’s curve ball and screw ball
    • Use a consistent starting point to fool the batter and deliver your pitch
    • Implement essential drills to enhance the effectiveness of your pitcher’s screw ball and curve ball

    Purchase the three DVDs as a package and save $15!

    Kyla Holas 3-Pack


    New All-Access Softball DVD Featuring Donna Papa and the North Carolina softball coaching staff

    By nate.landas - Last updated: Wednesday, August 10, 2011

    We have recently released an All-Access Softball DVD featuring Donna Papa and the North Carolina softball coaching staff.  She is a 4x ACC Coach of the Year and has over 1,000 wins.  This new Softball DVD is titled:

    All Access North Carolina Softball Practice 

    • Pick up drills for slap hitting, pitching, base running, throwing, fielding, and much more
    • Learn cue words and coaching strategies while watching two live practices
    • Watch two bullpen sessions with pitchers & catchers led by Assistant Coach Boo Gillette

    For more All-Access Softball DVDs, see below:

    All-Access UCLA Softball Practice
    All Access Indoor Softball Practice

    Gain Insight from Florida Softball Coach Tim Walton (2011 WCWS Runner-Up)!

    By mike.oconnell - Last updated: Monday, June 20, 2011

    Learn the tips, techniques and drills that Tim Walton utilizes at the University of Florida (2011 WCWS runner-up)! Florida became the only school in the SEC to appear in four straight WCWS!

    Building a Successful Softball Program

    • Learn coaching philosophies and insights for building a successful softball program for the long haul from back-to-back SEC Coach of the Year
    • Pick up ideas for building the foundation of your program, out-of-season training, in-season training, and the evolution of your coaching skills and philosophy
    • Get insight from Coach Walton’s coaching experiences; what’s worked and what hasn’t

    The Short Game Encyclopedia

    • Get extensive defensive strategies for covering bunts and slaps with 2x SEC Coach of the Year Tim Walton
    • Learn the best spot to place a bunt no matter what defense you are facing
    • Get two of the hottest topics in softball-short game offense and defense-in one great package!

    Developing a Power Hitter

    • Learn 20 drills that Tim Walton has used to produce teams that rank in the Top 10 nationally in hitting
    • Find the power potential in all your hitters
    • Learn the necessary fundamentals for developing bat speed and power
    • Understand and develop the five elements of a great power hitter

    Dominating the Base Paths

    • Learn to efficiently practice baserunning in a team setting with 2x SEC Coach of the Year Tim Walton
    • Take advantage of any baserunning situation
    • Pick up drills you can use in every practice to perfect your baserunning skills and strategies

    The Encyclopedia of Hitting

    • Learn to recognize bunting and slapping situations.
    • Create more confident hitters.
    • Play to your hitter’s strengths.

    Infield and Outfield Skills & Drills

    • Get every player involved in your practice!
    • Work on a variety of situations every day.
    • Add Tim Walton’s extensive list of drills to your library today!

    Preparing Your Team for Perfect Practice

    • Learn to create well-balanced practices.
    • Effectively practice hitting, pitching, baserunning, fielding and more!
    • Uncover secrets to better defensive practices.

    The Complete Pitching Workout

    • Uncover a great five day workout program for your pitchers.
    • Improve your pitchers’ fundamentals, spins, pitch location and more!
    • Learn proven drills from 2X NFCA Southeast Region Coaching Staff of the Year.


    Memorial Day Sale – Save $$ on Softball, Track & Field and Volleyball DVDs!

    By mike.oconnell - Last updated: Thursday, May 26, 2011

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