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Develop the Complete Soccer Team to Win More Matches!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Watch as Illinois Wesleyan University Head Women’s Soccer Coach, Dave Barrett, uses live practices to demonstrate three small-sided games, where limited space forces players to make quick decisions and enhances their first touch as they go to goal.  Also, prevent your opponent from advancing into your defensive half with effective transition defending.  Implement the tactics and develop the skills in these two videos and your team will improve their overall form:

Techniques and Tactics for Transition Defending

  • Teach your back four to retreat and take away space in front of the goal
  • Learn the correct technique to close space while defending
  • Train midfield players to back-tackle during transition
  • Keep your back four defenders organized and positioned to win the ball

Competitive Finishing Drills in Game Conditions

  • Create more opportunities to score with controlled, quick touches and passing
  • Use combination play and discover ways to attack your target
  • Take advantage of numbers up situations to score more goals

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Fitness Concepts for Soccer & Finishing Exercises!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Friday, November 16, 2012

These 2 DVDs feature Brandon Koons, who provides an essential progression from individual technique to team concepts and adds in the high reps that will help your team make the most of its scoring opportunities on game day.  In 2010, Coach Koon’s team made the D-III Final Four and learn from some of the same players.  These Soccer DVDs will promote your players to take shots more often and with increased accuracy, check them out:

Finishing: Individual and Team Aspects

  • 27 exercises you can use to train technique, develop team play and produce the high repetitions needed to improve finishing skills
  • Develop the key techniques to improving the power and accuracy of your shots
  • Create training sessions that stress good technical form in a competitive environment

Fitness Concepts in Soccer

  • Learn how to test the fitness level of your team and how to implement fitness training into your program
  • Save practice time by adding fitness elements to common soccer exercises
  • Reduce the risk of injury to your players using these soccer-specific warm-up exercises
  • Make getting into game-shape fun and engaging for your players

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Score More Goals and Get More Clean Sheets!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Monday, September 17, 2012

Learn offensive and defensive tactics from Doug Elder, Midwest State University Head Coach, and Chris Kranjc, Hastings College (NE) Head Men’s Soccer Coach.  Coach is Elder is the winningest active coach in NCAA Division II soccer and Coach Kranjc was the 2010 NSCA/NAIA National Coach of the Year.  Look at these two great Soccer DVDs below:

Winning with High Pressure Defense

  • Utilize technical warm-ups that transition into competitive drills and games
  • Use multiple short training intervals to maximize pressure and intensity
  • Stop penetration by keeping your players organized and connected
  • Use fast-paced games to simulate real pressure and competition

Possession with Purpose Utilizing Small-Sided Games

  • Maximize your training time by coaching effective tactics through specific technical training
  • Incorporate this progression of drills to increasingly challenge your players’ decision making and tactical thinking
  • See games to help players learn proper shape and movement required for a possession based game
  • Use small-sided games to maximize pressure and increase passing accuracy

Pressing in a 4-3-3

  • Press opponents by using the tactical advantages of the 4-3-3 formation
  • Quickly win back the ball after losing possession
  • Learn cues to help your players recognize when to pin their opponents in a corner to take away their options
  • Teach your players to press together in 6v6, 8v8 and 11v11 training formats

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Learn a Variety of Soccer Coaching Tips to Improve Your Team!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Friday, August 24, 2012

Here we would like to present some world class soccer knowledge featuring Marcus Wood, Hardin-Simmons University Head Women’s Soccer Coach.  He is also a 2010 NCAA D-III National Champions and a 2010 NSCA National Coach of the Year.  See the four Soccer DVDs below:

Game-Like Goal Scoring Drills for Soccer

  • Put players in transition drills that encourage an attacking mentality in “man-up” situations
  • Develop the quick thinking needed to distribute the ball and create scoring opportunities
  • Improve your goalkeepers’ abilities with constant shooting from attackers
  • Use possession to allow your defense to get forward and create a counterattack

Circuit Training and Conditioning with the Ball

  • Discover over 20 drills you can use to improve your team technically, while simultaneously improving their physical fitness
  • See how to utilize the FIFA 11+ ACL injury prevention program to help prevent injury in your athletes
  • Add competition to your conditioning drills to encourage your players to train to their edge
  • Combine “station drills” to create a compelling, energetic condition circuit

Game Winning Strategies for Attacking and Defending Set Pieces

  • Get insights and strategies that will make set pieces an asset for your team
  • Implement the “Heels on Toes” concept to put your players in a position to be successful
  • Learn attacking and defensive strategies for corner kicks, direct and in-direct kicks and throw-ins

Improving Performance Through Match Analysis

  • Improve your players’ performance using match analysis to clarify your coaching
  • Help your players see their options on the field by seeing them first on video
  • Develop a player grading system based on your specific style of play
  • Marcus Wood ranks 5th all-time among NCAA women’s soccer coaches at all levels in career winning percentage (.861)

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