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Practice Alley Dodges with a Drill from John Desko!

By Kevin Fitzpatrick - Last updated: Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Five time National Championship head coach at Syracuse University, John Desko, teaches his players how to shoot off alley dodges in this fun exercise. Your goalies will also get the opportunity to improve their positioning while defending against long-distance shots during this drill.

Alley Dodges

Drill Summary: Set up with a goalie in the net and a line of shooters 25 yards in front of the goal. Each player in the line should have a ball. One at a time, players run forward, dodge to the left or right, and fire a shot on goal after dodging. Shots should come from about 10 yards in front of the goal at an angle. As players are shooting, goalies should be working on their saving technique.

Keys to the Drill:

1) Shoot from outside the goal posts extended.
2) Goalies shouldn’t rush to the post.
3) Goalies should hold on the back side for a split second.
4) Goalie should think about what the shooter sees.

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