Up-Tempo Offense: Bob Knight’s Favorite Drills to Build Team Toughness

In our latest team development feature, Hall of Fame basketball coach Bob Knight guides you through a pair of up-tempo drills that are vital towards building mental toughness. Coach Knight has incorporated these same exact drills with his programs throughout his career, from Indiana through Texas Tech. 11-Man Break This highly-engaging rapid-fire drill starts with two […]

Individual Game-Like Ball Handling Drills for Offensive Basketball

In this behind-the-scenes session, we visit Williamstown, Massachusetts for a Williams College men’s basketball practice. Watch as head coach Mike Maker leads his squad through a series of game-like ball handling and shooting drills, including “Fast Stop Fast” and “Alleys.” Take this opportunity to pick up some new offensive drills for your upcoming basketball practices […]

All Access Practice with Larry Brown: The Iverson Drill & Offensive Sets

In this week’s edition of All Access, we take a trip to Dallas, Texas for a behind-the-scenes glimpse at an SMU men’s basketball practice. Follow along as Hall of Fame basketball coach Larry Brown leads his team through the ‘Iverson Drill’ before moving into various sideline out-of-bounds plays.  The Iverson Drill In this individual shooting/scoring […]