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Develop Speed and Agility in Your Lacrosse Players!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Rob Rose of True Athlete Performance shares the tools you need to better evaluate your players’ performance with tests that isolate specific abilities. This drill is a way to measure the agility and speed of players. It can be used especially with offensive players to develop their ability to move quickly and change direction in order to create space or dodge a defender.

Roundabout Drill

How it Works: This drill utilizes four cones; two for the start, one five yards up and five yards over, and a fourth, five yards over and five yards back, so that you end with a triangle shape. The athlete begins at the two cones. The timing begins upon the athletes’ first forward movement. They sprint to and around the middle cone, sprint to and around the far cone, from an inside-out direction. They sprint back around the top-middle cone and then finish by running back between the two starting line cones.

Drill Tips: For testing an athlete’s time, only one set up would be needed. But for training purposes, you could run the drill with several setups at the same time so that your entire team could have multiple reps in a short amount of time.

The previous clip can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “Testing and Evaluation for Lacrosse Players.” To view the latest video selections on Strength & Conditioning, CLICK HERE.

Over 40 Training Drills to Develop Your Lacrosse Players!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Friday, September 13, 2013

Fitness testing is a tedious and sometimes imperfect process for high school and college coaches. Rob Rose takes his extensive experience training youth and professional athletes and provides you with a road map for evaluating the athletic ability of your lacrosse players. This new Lacrosse DVD features on-field player demonstrations, accompanied by clearly defined drill objectives and protocols:

Testing and Evaluation for Lacrosse Players

Testing and Evaluation for Lacrosse Players

  • All the tools you need to better evaluate your lacrosse players’ performance with tests that isolate specific abilities
  • Over 40 training drills to ramp up your team’s athleticism
  • See common mistakes and how to correct them, for safe, efficient, and technically correct strength-building



Are Your Football Players Getting Better?

By nate.landas - Last updated: Friday, September 6, 2013

Testing is a critical component to any successful football strength and conditioning program. Rob Rose, President of True Athlete Performance, uses his extensive background in exercise science to create a highly effective yet simple process for evaluating football players. These “tests” will give you a great baseline and evaluation tool for football-specific drills and testing parameters.

Testing and Evaluation for Football Players

Testing and Evaluation for Football Players

  • Learn key areas of testing dynamics to better evaluate your athletes’ performance and improvement
  • Ensure your athletes are making gains in key areas of football conditioning; speed, agility, strength and more
  • Get 18 testing dynamics for evaluating your players



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3 Exceptional Drills to Improve Your Quickness/First Step

By adam.warner - Last updated: Tuesday, March 12, 2013

For many lacrosse players across the country, mid-March means its preseason time, a period to get prepared and conditioned for the regular season. To work on that first step and improve your overall quickness this spring, look to implement these dynamic conditioning drills led by renowned fitness expert Rob Rose

Ball Drops

The following drills focus on proper form and technique of a linear first step. You can eventually progress to angles and lateral movement from here, but the first drill we cover is a good launching point.

The goal: Be as efficient as you possibly can. If you can’t do this on a hard surface like a basketball court, you probably won’t be able to use hard balls and may have to go with using your hands. In terms of equipment, look to use two lacrosse balls.

Set 1: Ready Position

Start in a nice low ready position. Your feet should be side by side and wider than shoulder width. You should always be on the balls of your feet. Goal: Get the ball before it bounces twice. The goal for the coaches is to challenge the players. Make sure that the players don’t step back when accelerating to catch the ball.

The coach should bounce the ball. As soon as he/she does, the players are off and getting to the ball quick. Accelerate out and go through. Do not step back. While it may seem quicker, it’s inefficient. Instead, try a drop and push technique. As you get better at it, you will get quicker. Get a quick arm snap too.

Tip: Make your first step a small one. Otherwise, you will be off balance and won’t have the power for your second.

Set 2: Rapid Fire

Now it’s time to really challenge your players. When in ready position, have your players move their feet quickly (while in place) before accelerating to the ball.

Set 3: 180’s

Stay with the rapid fire, but now let’s get into a 180 position. Every time the coach yells “TIME,” the players will turn and do a 180. After doing it straight on, move into 180s at an angle.

Look to perform this drill at a distance of 5-7 yards

Tip: If you don’t have any balls or a hard surface available, then make the goal for each player to get to the hand of the coach before the other player does. Go two players at a time.

The previous workouts are featured in Championship Productions’ DVD “Complete Conditioning for Lacrosse” featuring Rob Rose. To check out more videos featuring lacrosse drills and exercises, click here.

Lacrosse Conditioning: The Perfect Anaerobic Workout for the Preseason

By adam.warner - Last updated: Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The preseason is currently in full swing for many college lacrosse teams across the country. With several months having passed since organized team practices last occurred, it’s common for these early season workouts to revolve around general conditioning and getting players back into playing shape.

Therefore, during this training period, it’s important for coaches to implement anaerobic conditioning, which is high-intensity, short-burst exercises ranging from 30 seconds to 3 minutes to promote speed, power and strength. Here’s an ideal workout geared toward those early preseason practices that will have a positive impact from the get-go.

Equipment: Cones spread five yards apart for 30 yards.

300 Yard Shuttle

Start out at the end cone and then jog down for 30 yards before turning back the other way. That “down and back” counts as one rep. Aim to go six times.

Remember, take a good jogging pace. At the end of 30 yards, make sure to plant your foot and cut off the endline before returning in the other direction.

5-5, 10-10, 20-20, 30-30

This is more or less a suicide drill. Start at the end cone before sprinting out 5 yards and then cutting back 5 yards, then immediately going out 10 yards and then cutting back 10 yards. Continue the trend until you go down 30 yards and back 30 yards. Be sure to vary which foot you use to cut off from. For instance, start by cutting off of your right foot and then cut off of your left, and so on. Never do two of the same in a row.

Jog 10, Sprint 20 ( x 3)

Jog for 10 yards. Once you get to the 10-yard mark, sprint all the way through the 30-yard mark. Be sure to accelerate hard. As soon as you get to the other end, come back the opposite way immediately and repeat.

Sprint 10, Carioca 10, Sprint 10, Shuffle 10

This time, you will sprint for 10 yards, go into cariocas for 10 yards, go back to sprinting for 10 yards and finish by shuffling for 10 more. Here, we are keeping our anaerobic endurance drills and changing them into something that has a little more change of direction.


This workout can be seen on the Championship Productions’ DVD “100 Conditioning Drills & Exercises for Lacrosse” with Rob Rose. To see additional conditioning videos, click here.


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