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Two Highly-Effective Team Rebounding Drills to Add to Your Practice Plan

By adam.warner - Last updated: Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Add a new wrinkle to practices this season by implementing these dynamic team rebounding drills. The following drills focus on a number of rebounding concepts and situations, including transition basketball and offensive rebounding. The drills can be used at any level of basketball and will keep your players motivated, working hard, and best of all, improving.

Rebound to Transition Drill

Submitted by Darryl Lowrey, Jemison HS, Jemison AL

This drill is great for rebounding, outlet passes, filling lanes in transition, and overall a terrific conditioning drill. Start with one line of players under the basket and one line on the sideline at the free throw line extended.

Player 1 under the basket throws the ball off the backboard, rebounds it aggressively, and outlets the ball to the first player in the other line. Player A dribbles up the floor and jump stops at the foulline and then passes to Player 1 for a layup or short jumper.

Note: After making the pass, Player 1 must sprint to fill the lane and be ready for the pass. The players then swap responsibilities with A throwing the ball off the backboard, rebounding, and dishing an outlet pass to Player 1. After everyone has had a turn in the drill, the players change lines and run the drill on the opposite side of the court.


“Banger” Offensive Rebounding Drill

Submitted by Len Garner, North Gwinnett HS, Suwanee GA

This is a competitive, hard-nosed offensive rebounding drill that teaches your players to be aggressive when fighting for rebounds. Divide your squad into three equal teams. A coach should stand just inside the free throw line. The three teams each form a line – one at each elbow, and one in the middle of the free throw line area.

The first player in each line steps into the paint. The coach tosses the ball off the rim and the three players battle for the ball. The goal for each player is to battle for the ball, get the offensive rebound, and put it back in the basket. The rebounder is not allowed to bring the ball below chin level, dribble, or allow the ball to be knocked loose. If the player scores, they go to the end of his/her team’s line and the next player steps in. Players must score to get out of the drill. The first team to have each of its players score wins.


The previous clips can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “Over 30 Team Rebounding Drills.” Check out more drills in the Winning Hoops collection by clicking here.

A Pair of Useful Team Rebounding Drills

By adam.warner - Last updated: Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It’s no secret that winning the rebounding battle goes a long way towards being successful overall as a team. From second-chance opportunities on the offensive end to limiting opponents’ chances defensively, controlling the boards ultimately gives your squad a better chance at winning.

Check out these simple and effective team rebounding drills that you can easily use with your own team. One drill incorporates the entire team while another gets players going 1-on-1 in a rebounding battle inside the paint. The following drills should offer variety, be extremely competitive, and can also be used at any level of basketball.

Offense vs. Defense Team Rebounding

Submitted by Steve Smith, Oak Hill Academy, Mouth of Wilson, VA

This competitive drill is a favorite for Coach Smith – and one he’s used for more than 10 years. Divide your squad among two evenly-matched teams. Start the players out wherever you want them on the floor, but allow for some spacing. Coach Smith typically lines players up just outside the lane or around the free-throw line area. This is a team drill that uses three, four or five players and also features three coaches around the perimeter.

The drill begins as the coaches pass the ball around the perimeter until one of them shoots. As this happens, players jostle for positioning. As the shot goes up, the defenders box out the offensive players and try to capture the rebound. If the defense secures the rebound, they receive one point. If the offense gets the rebound, they get two points. The drill is played up to six points. After six points is completed, switch the defensive and offensive teams. Then after two rounds, the losing team runs.


1-on-1 Rebounding Drill

Submitted by Stephanie Gaitley, Long Island University, Brooklyn, NY

This popular rebounding drill starts with a coach standing just above the free-throw line area. Meanwhile, two players start out on opposite elbows across from each other. The coach then throws the ball into play by taking a shot with a rebound. Now the players go 1-on-1 for the rebound. The player who gets the rebound will then turn and immediately throw an outlet player to the next player in either line. Another option is that after the initial rebound, the players can go 1-on-1 and finish the play before throwing the outlet pass to end the drill.


The following rebounding drills can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “Over 30 Team Rebounding Drills” as part of the “Best of the Best” series. Check out more rebounding videos in our extensive catalog by clicking here.

New Basketball DVDs Featuring Jim Calhoun, Ganon Baker, & more!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Friday, April 17, 2009

We have recently released six new basketball DVDs featuring Jim Calhoun, Ganon Baker, Seth Greenberg, Tim Jankovich, and Frank Allocco.

Jim Calhoun: Rebounding Drills & Basketball Wisdom
Tim Jankovich: Beating Pressure with Early Offense
Ganon Baker’s Ball Skills for Post Players
Ganon Baker’s Ball Skills for Creating Separation
Seth Greenberg: Closing Out and Defending Special Situations
Frank Allocco: Intangibles for Building a Successful Basketball Program


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