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Exclusive Backstroke Racing Techniques from an NCAA All-American!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Thursday, August 30, 2012

Here is a video that begins with demonstration of the backstroke at racing speed by NCAA All-American, Doug Van Wie. During Van Wie’ s demonstration 8x NCAA Coach of the Year, David Marsh, provides insightful tips.  It is important to be as efficient as possible while using a great amount of effort.   Start by focusing on being efficient then add more pace until you find a good balance for your backstroke.   In order to  increase acceleration it is important to push the water by your hip and really drive your hand into the water.

Tips: Use your energy wisely by using you core to help set the tempo.  Do not use your legs too much, too early in the race, save enough for a late race push toward the front!


Watch an additional clip from the product page of  “Gettin’ Better with David Marsh: Tips, Drills & Skills for Faster Backstroke.”  Also, check out more world class David Marsh DVDs and other instructional Backstroke Swimming DVDs!


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