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A Collection of Plays Geared to Attack Man-to-Man Defenses

By adam.warner - Last updated: Wednesday, February 9, 2011

This week’s playbook series offers three dynamic offensive sets designed to beat tough man-to-man defenses. The plays — submitted by some of the top names in college basketball — offer a wide variety of options for teams across every level, from quick-hitters to pick and rolls and to pressure situations. Each play is also broken down into three key components and accompanied by a short video clip to help you integrate into your next basketball practice.

A Quick-Hitter Out of a Flex Set

by Gary Williams, University of Maryland Men’s Head Basketball Coach

Positioning: In this quick-hitter, 1 starts out at the top of the key. 2 and 3 are on opposite blocks below the hoop. 5 is foul-line extended and just inside of the 3-point arc, while 4 is on the left wing just beyond the 3-point arc.

The Set-Up: 5 starts with a “V” cut into the lane and then screens on-ball at the top of the key. 1 then dribbles to the right and around the pick and looks for the pick and roll with 5, who is now cutting backside to the hoop after making the initial screen. Meanwhile, if 5 isn’t open, 2 sets a pick in the middle of the lane for 3, who cuts through, around the backside and heads to the left side of the free throw line. 4 also cuts in and makes a screen for 3 coming around the back edge.

The Finish: If the pick and roll isn’t open, 1 then looks to dish off to 3 for the open jumper on the weakside elbow.



by Tubby Smith, University of Minnesota Men’s Head Basketball Coach

Positioning: In Dive, 1 starts out on the right side between half court and the 3-point arc. 2 is in the far right corner, 5 is on the near block, 4 is at the top of the key and 3 is on the left side wing around the 3-point arc.

The Set-Up: 1 starts out by dribbling from the right side to the center. 5 then sets a screen for 3 on the weakside wing at the 3-point line. Meanwhile, 4 dives hard to the basket. 1 now passes to 3 on the left wing and 3 is free to shoot the 3-pointer if he’s open. If not, 3 and 5 initiate a pick and roll game. However, if the pick and roll isn’t open, 1 and 4 set a double screen on the far side elbow and 2 comes off the screen and receives the pass from 3 at the top of the key.

The Finish: 1 passes to 3 on the far side wing for an open jumper after the screen from 5. If an open shot is not available, 5 and 3 can run a pick and roll game together. The final option is for 2 to take a jumper from the top of the key after the double screen set by 4 and 1. 3 hits 2 with the pass for the wide open shot.


A Great Play to End a Quarter

by Andy Landers, University of Georgia Women’s Head Basketball Coach

Positioning: In this play, 1 has the ball at the top of the key. 2 is on the right wing and 3 is on the left wing. 4 and 5 are situated on opposite blocks beneath the basket.

The Set-Up: 4 flashes to the free throw line as 1 passes to 2 on the right wing before cutting to the nearside corner. 2 then passes to 4 in the middle and then cuts through the lane to the opposite block. Next, 4 swings the ball to 3 on the left wing and 5 sets a baseline pick for 1. The 1 player takes his time and walks to the screen before cutting hard around the paint and up to the top of the key.

The Finish: 3 passes to 1, who looks for the quick shot at the top of the key. If the shot isn’t there for 1, 5 and 4 set picks for 2 in the lane and then 2 cuts around the screen to the far side wing. 1 dishes off to 2 on the wing for the open jumper.


The plays featured in this week’s playbook series — along with dozens more — can be found in Championship Productions’ DVD “60 Plays to Attack Man-to-Man Defenses.” For more team drills and plays, click here.


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