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New Softball DVDs featuring Mike Estes!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Friday, February 10, 2012

Here are a couple Softball DVDs we have recently released featuring Mike Estes.  His team finished 2011 as one of the top 10 high school teams in the nation.  Check out these two Softball DVDs titled:

The Game-Ready Approach to Softball Practice

  • Save practice time by simultaneously building your athletes’ skills and fitness
  • Discover warm-up throws that activate the muscles, create 12-6 backspin, and drill-in proper mechanics
  • Run infield practice that covers ground balls, bunts, throws to the bases, and double plays
  • Develop outfield skills to improve reads, catching, and conditioning while also emphasizing quick, accurate throws
  • Teach team defense that connects infielders to infielders, outfielders to infielders and creates excellent communication across the field
  • Get your players into a base-running progression that focuses on footwork and connection to the coaches
  • 15 Hitting Drills for a Balanced and Explosive Swing

  • 15 drills you can use daily as an athlete or coach to develop a balanced and explosive swing
  • Breakdown and eliminate common swing flaws
  • Explode on contact with every pitch

    Purchase the two DVDs together and save $10!
    Mike Estes 2-Pack

    New Lacrosse DVDs featuring Gene Peluso!

    By nate.landas - Last updated: Thursday, January 5, 2012

    We have just released three Lacrosse DVDs featuring Gene Peluso.  He has over 150 career wins as a coach for Stevens Institute of Technology.  The titles of the new Lacrosse DVDs are:

    Game Speed Drills for Creating Game Like Practices

  • Organize efficient, exciting and productive practices
  • Discover unique drills that combine conditioning and skill development
  • Learn shooting drills that replicate game opportunities
  • Get tips to improve your team’s decision making during rides and clears
  • Team transition for both offense and defense fundamentals
  • High Energy, High Success Rides

  • Force your opponent into low percentage passes and turnovers
  • Get three proven riding schemes
  • Learn essential practice drills to teach successful riding techniques
  • See techniques for improving both individual and team riding and clearing skills
  • Coaching tips for getting the most out of your riding practice time
  • Drills and Techniques to Develop Up-Tempo Defense

  • Dictate to the offense how you want the game to be played
  • Run these competitive drills to ensure intensity throughout your training sessions
  • Generate transition scoring opportunities for your team
  • Purchase the three DVDs as a set and save $15:

    Gene Peluso 3-Pack


    New Volleyball DVD Set Featuring Russ Rose!

    By nate.landas - Last updated: Thursday, August 4, 2011

    A five disc Volleyball DVD set featuring Russ Rose was recently released.  Rose is a 5x NCAA Head Coach at Penn State University.  The new five disc Volleyball DVD set is titled:

    All Access Volleyball Practice with Russ Rose 

    • This DVD set includes over 8 hours of Penn State Volleyball practice
    • Get “all access” to six Russ Rose coached practices, including skill instruction, drills and competitive play
    • Incorporate these championship-caliber drills and philosophies into your program
    • Explore the nuances of Rose’s approach to the game

    For more Russ Rose Volleyball DVDs, check out the following titles:

    Coaching Mental Toughness on the Court: Strategies and Drills
    The Complete Guide to Serving: Technique, Tactics & Drills
    Russ Rose’s Back Row Attack
    Systems For Team Offense
    Quick Attack and Combination Plays
    Drills for Defense and Passing
    Competitive Wash Drills


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