Substitution Techniques and Transition Drills with Florida State Lacrosse

The latest “game scenarios and strategies” segment deals with how to substitute during odd situations and react quickly on transition breaks. It also highlights the Toomey Drill, a high-impact conditioning drill that works on quick transitions on offense and defense. Florida State coaches Bill Harkins and Matt Waesche both lead you through the segments, first with […]

Girls’ Lacrosse: 3 Progression Drills to Develop Offensive Fundamentals

This week’s lacrosse fundamentals feature focuses on three progression drills that will train your players how to read defenses and improve their overall decision-making skills. These “small drills” are used without a goal/goalie and place an emphasis on improving fundamentals in compact situations. Watch as Georgetown head women’s lacrosse coach Ricky Fried breaks down each […]