Volleyball Specific Plyometrics for Beginners and Warm-Ups!

Tim McClellan has coached hundreds of elite athletes including Olympic gold medalists and knows what plyometrics are essential to volleyball. These low level plyometric exercises help develop the ability to land and jump quickly repeatedly. Low Level Plyometrics CHECK OUT more valuable insight from an additional clip of “Becoming a Champion: Off Season Strength & Conditioning […]

Training for Power & Explosiveness with OSU’s Wrestling Strength & Conditioning Coach!

READ and WATCH more on a new wrestling video featuring the same strength and conditioning exercises used by the Oklahoma State Wrestling team! OSU Strength & Conditioning Coach, Gary Calcagno, provides you with over 40 different exercises that focus on power and explosiveness. Training for Power and Explosiveness   Learn championship-tested exercises and principles for […]

Use Your Power to Takedown the Opposition More Frequently!

One of the greatest heavyweights in U.S. wrestling history demonstrates how to use your power in various situations.  Bruce Baumgartner will give you insight on how to correctly finish a double and stresses having your wrestlers complete the takedown thoroughly. He then demonstrates two foot sweeps from the underhook. These foot sweeps come when your opponent is pushing into […]