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New Baseball DVDs featuring Vanderbilt Coach, Derek Johnson!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Friday, March 9, 2012

We have recently released two Baseball DVDs featuring Derek Johnson.  He is the Vanderbilt University Associate Head Coach and pitching coach, as well as the 2010 National Assistant Coach of the Year.  Below are the new Baseball DVDs we released:

Complete Daily Throwing Preparation Program

  • Learn a stretch that will help counter the natural loss of range of motion that occurs during a season
  • Use compression throws to help develop arm strength and help prevent injuries to your pitchers’ arms
  • Make throwing an event to help your pitchers further develop their technique on a daily basis
  • Use flat-ground work to practice all aspects of pitching, including pre-pitch routine, gap movements, focus, intent, and even pick-offs and intentional walks
  • Developing Your Pitching Arsenal and Game Plan

  • Grip and execute six different pitches–and learn to maximize their effectiveness
  • Learn what pitch to throw in each count and why
  • Effectively break down a hitter and understand his weaknesses
  • Work through a multitude of situations and how to pitch your way out of each of them
  • Purchase the DVDs as a 2-pack and save $10!

    Derek Johnson’s Pitching Arsenal 2-Pack

    New Softball DVDs featuring Kyla Holas!

    By nate.landas - Last updated: Wednesday, December 21, 2011

    We have produced three new Softball DVDs featuring Kyla Holas.  She is a 2X Conference USA Coach of the Year for the University of Houston as well as a former 3x All American.  These Softball DVDs are called:

    Creating the Complete Slap Hitter

    • Learn creative and competitive drills that will develop consistent slap hitters
    • Master slapping techniques including contact slap, power slap, and the bunt — and know when to use them
    • Get over 15 drills to maximize the uniquely personal talents of your individual slappers
    • Employ proven techniques to keep the defense guessing
    • Get base running tips that enhance the importance of scoring runs and putting pressure on the defense

    Creating the Complete Outfielder

    • Learn drill progressions to improve footwork, throwing, ground balls and fly balls for outfielders
    • Get coaching tips to improve your team’s diving skills
    • Learn effective techniques to efficiently play balls off or near the fence

    Creating an Effective Screw Ball and Curve Ball

    • Take advantage of hitters with bat path issues
    • Develop more spin, movement, and accuracy on your pitcher’s curve ball and screw ball
    • Use a consistent starting point to fool the batter and deliver your pitch
    • Implement essential drills to enhance the effectiveness of your pitcher’s screw ball and curve ball

    Purchase the three DVDs as a package and save $15!

    Kyla Holas 3-Pack


    New Softball DVD Featuring Lisa Fernandez!

    By nate.landas - Last updated: Thursday, November 17, 2011

    We have just released a new Softball DVD featuring Lisa Fernandez.  She is a 3x Olympic golf medal winner and pitching coach at UCLA.  The title of this Softball DVD is:

    The Pitcher’s Edge: Preparing to Win 

    • Create the precise foundation on which confidence is built and maintained
    • Master the specific mechanics that form the foundation of effective pitching
    • Learn how to help your pitchers make effective in-game adjustments
    • Engage in the visualization techniques employed at the highest level of competition, including national championships, world championships, and the Olympics

    New Baseball Book Featuring Len Solesky, James T. Cain, Dom Scala, and Rusty Meachum!

    By nate.landas - Last updated: Monday, November 14, 2011

    We have recently published a new Baseball Book/DVD combo written by Len Solesky, James T. Cain, Dom Scala, and Rusty Meachum.  All of these men have many years of experience coaching, scouting, or playing professional baseball.  The item is titled:

    The Physics of Pitching

     This is a well-rounded and comprehensive study that explores the formula for success in pitching and the secret to staying healthy and injury free. It brings together the expertise of a professional scout and pitching consultant, a former major league pitcher and current pitching coach, a sports orthopedic surgeon, and a strength and conditioning specialist. Step-by-step instruction is combined with a discussion of the fundamentals of pitching mechanics and kinetics, physiology and orthopedics, weight training, and the mental and strategic sides of baseball.

    For more Baseball Pitching DVDs, check out the following products:

    Coaching the High School Pitcher
    Skills and Drills for Pitching Velocity
    Skills and Drills for Pitching Mechanics
    Pitching: Developing Mental and Physical Consistency
    The Art of Pitching: Pitching Mechanics, Drills and Troubleshooting
    Arm Conditioning Program for Pitchers
    How to Build a 12 Pitch Arsenal
    Pitching Mechanics and Delivery Drills


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