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New Volleyball DVDs from the 2011 AVCA Convention!

By mike.oconnell - Last updated: Thursday, February 24, 2011

Learn new Volleyball skills, drills, and strategies from Terry Petitt, Carl Mcgown, Fran Flory, Beth Launiere, Peggy Martin, and Anne Kordes!

Training a Setter with “Deliberate Practice”

  • Learn from legendary coach Terry Pettit
  • Over 20 drills for developing setters
  • Includes individual, partner, and system situational drills

Forearm Passing: How the Best Do It!

  • See statistically-proven forearm passing protocols
  • Learn the five keys to successful forearm passing
  • Learn a drill progression for effectively teaching passing technique

Winning the Middle: Getting Your Middles More Swings

  • Get higher percentage shots by setting your middles more
  • Strategic solutions for your middle hitting challenges
  • Learn how to develop your middle with smaller or slower players
  • Learn strategies, system ideas and drills for creating a fast middle attack

Swing Blocking: Strategies, Progressions & Drills

  • Take advantage of your blockers’ athleticism
  • Allow your blockers to jump higher by fully using their arms
  • Learn a swing blocking progression appropriate for any level player
  • Includes eye sequencing strategies to enhance your blocking game

The Re-Emergence of the 6-2 System

  • Learn the benefits of the 6-2 system
  • Includes rotations in the 6-2
  • Make the most out of your personnel

Taking Advantage of Your Disadvantages: Designing Systems That Fit You

  • Learn how to play with the cards you are dealt
  • Learn how to adapt to unexpected change during the season
  • Includes specific situations for solving position personnel challenges

New Volleyball DVDs from the 2009 AVCA Convention!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Monday, April 5, 2010

We have recently released eight new volleyball DVDs featuring Bill Neville (3X Olympic Men’s Coach), Craig Skinner (Kentucky head coach), Christy Johnson – Lynch (Iowa State head coach), Marv Dunphy (Pepperdine University / USA National Team head coach), Cecile Reynaud (former Florida State head coach),  Jenny McDowell (Emory University – 208 NCAA Champion), Peggy Martin (Spring Hill College – all-time winningest coach in Division II), Christyn May, Rose Shires, and Jill Stephens

The new volleyball DVD titles are:

Drill Ideas to Start and End Volleyball Practice
Skill Development Drills for Training the Libero
Competitive Training Drills for Error-Free Outside Hitting
Setting for Team Success
Serve Receive Formations: Highlight Strengths and Hide Weaknesses
Marv Dunphy’s Attack Strategies
Drills to Increase the Speed and Efficiency of Your Transition Game
Fun in the Summertime: Games and Activities for Your Summer Camp


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