Essential Passing Tips and Drills To Beat Zone Defenses

With Rutgers head men’s basketball coach Mike Rice as your guide, pick up two helpful passing drills to prepare for zone defenses this season. The following drills can improve overall decision-making, passing technique, player confidence, and moving without the ball. Also, Coach Rice details an effective baseline out-of-bounds play designed to beat zone defenses under […]

All Access Oklahoma Women’s Basketball: Game-Like Shooting and Fast Break Drills

This week’s All Access pass takes you to Norman, Oklahoma where Oklahoma head women’s basketball coach Sherri Coale leads her squad through a variety of game-like shooting drills and fast break warm-ups. Feature drills include “Two-man Sideline Passing”, “USA Shooting”, and “Two-Ball Shooting.”  The behind-the-scenes session stems from the first few practices of the 2010-11 […]

New Volleball DVD Series: Game Speed Drills for Volleyball!

Learn to create a competitive volleyball practice while providing your athletes a game-like experience.  The Game Speed Drills for Volleyball DVD series provides a variety of drills to master each part of the game.  This series contains eight DVDs featuring Kirsten Bernthal-Booth, Jerritt Elliott, Terry Gamble, Chris Gonzalez, Christy Johnson, Anne Kordes, Jim Moore, and Bond Shymansky.  Get ready to […]