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All Access Stanford Women’s Basketball: Team Shooting & Passing Drills

By adam.warner - Last updated: Wednesday, February 22, 2012

In this week’s edition of All Access, we take you to Palo Alto, California for an exclusive look at a Stanford University women’s basketball practice. Head coach Tara VanDerveer leads her squad through a variety of shooting and passing drills during one of the first practices of the 2010-11 campaign.

First, VanDerveer’s squad runs through “Cut Passes and Driving” before moving into partner passing and shooting drills. The squad finishes off the session with an effective passing warm-up called “Showtime Passing.”

The Cardinal squad is currently 24-1 overall this season and ranked No. 2 in the country in both ESPN and AP polls.

Cut Pass and Driving

The drill begins when one player flashes to the free throw line. This player immediately receives the ball from a wing player. Next, this player then makes a bounce pass to a cutting player (starting from up top) and hits a layup in stride (with a coach as the defensive presence).

Meanwhile, that flash player who dished it off then immediately catches a pass from a coach/teammate, dribbles down the lane and hits a pull-up jumper.

Tips: Switch sides to which you pass and cut. Guards must go full speed to the basket. After going through layups, switch to short pull-up jumpers. Look to make good passes and knock down your shots.


Partner Pass: Bounce & Chest Pass

This drill can be conducted right down the middle of the court. Players work in pairs and should be set up about 15-20 feet away from each other.

Start with a bounce pass. Make a “T” with your hands. After catching the pass, players simply go through their shooting progression. No baskets are in play. Step in and take a nice jump shot. Every time the ball touches your hands, you should be looking at the basket.

Tips: Try to get a good rhythm going. Remember the fundamentals and deliver nice passes. Get your feet set and be ready to shoot. Eventually, switch things up to chest passes and then change partners.


Partner Shooting: Rep Shooting

Next, we’re shooting three-pointers at game tempo. There should be one rebounder and one shooter at each basket. Start with the shooter in the corner. The rebounder passes to a coach or teammate and they pass right to the shooter. After one minute, the players switch. Eventually, work your way around the perimeter.

Tips: Look to get a ton of reps with this drill. Players should always be stepping into their shot. Catch the ball looking to shoot. Push up and follow through and remember your footwork. Repetition is key in every shot you take.


Showtime Passing

Showtime Passing starts at the baseline. The first player up (Player 1) passes to a wing player (Player 2) and then immediately passes to Player 1 cutting up the floor. Player 1 delivers a pass to the next player (Player 3) in line at midcourt. Players replace each other and follow. The same passing technique continues now with two midcourt players. The passing moves all the way around the half-court area and ends with a layup on the left side.

Tips: Start the drill going to the left and then switch to the opposite side. Catch and pass the ball quickly. Players should always be moving and communicating.


The previous clips can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “All Access Stanford Basketball Practice with Tara VanDerveer.” To check out more videos in our All Access lineup, head over to our basketball library.

All Access Kansas Basketball: Passing, Rebounding, and Transition Drills

By adam.warner - Last updated: Wednesday, November 16, 2011

In this week’s edition of All Access, we take you back to Lawrence, Kansas for an exclusive look at a Kansas men’s basketball practice. Head coach Bill Self leads his squad through a variety of passing and fast break drills during one of the first practices of the 2009-10 season.

First, the team runs through the Pioneer Drill, a fast-paced passing drill, before moving into 2-on-1 Passing. The Jayhawks eventually get into some transition drills like the 4-Man Break and then finish up with the classic Shell Drill.

Pioneer Drill

This is a quick passing drill set within the confines of the paint. There are five lines of players and one minute set on the clock. Players must keep the ball up and in the air, never letting it hit the ground. They can keep the ball up by slight jumps and meeting the ball in the air. Players must count out loud on each pass and move to the end of the line once they have made the pass. This continuous passing drill gets faster and faster until the minute on the clock is up.

2-on-1 Passing

This is a keep away-style drill where it’s just two offensive players going against one defender. The offensive players are stationary and must use proper footwork and pass fakes to pass around the defender and across the lane to a teammate. Meanwhile, defenders must work on their defensive positioning, hands, footwork, and getting down nice and low to defend the pass. The passer moves on to become the defender.


4-Man Break

A coach initiates the drill by shooting and missing. The players fight for the rebound before transitioning up the court on a 4-man break. Each player touches the ball on the way up the floor. Players mix it up when it comes to shots, from layups to elbow jumpers to lobs down low. The key here is for players to push the ball up the floor fast and finish on the other end. Each group goes up and back.

Dummy Secondary

One at a time, a team of five goes up against a dummy defense for three reps. It starts with a rebound off a miss and a battle amongst teammates for the rebound. Once it’s settled, they immediately push the ball up the floor.

This first time up the floor, players can score anyway they want. After they push it back up the other way, they must step back and set up a quick offensive play against a dummy defense. The particular play here is called Stagger, where a shooter will come off a screen and hit a quick shot at the elbow. Now on the third time down the floor, the unit must attack the elbow, reverse it, and then throw it inside.


Shell Drill

Even the top college basketball programs in the country practice this classic drill. It’s 4-on-4 drill that starts with ball movement around the perimeter. When the coach shoots the ball, each player must block off and attack the glass.

Meanwhile, the defense changes its positioning based on passes. After 10-15 seconds of passes, there’s a shot by the coach and everyone crashes the boards. This is where the drill gets physical. The defense finds the nearest player and blocks out. The offense crashes the boards and looks for the offensive rebound.

The Shell Drill is a practical, useful drill that’s been used for decades across all levels. Elements of passing, sound defense, rebounding, and boxing out are all covered here — all within a game-like atmosphere.


The previous clips can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “All Access Kansas Basketball Practice with Bill Self.” Check out more all access videos by visiting our extensive basketball library.

New Volleball DVD Series: Game Speed Drills for Volleyball!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Monday, July 27, 2009

Learn to create a competitive volleyball practice while providing your athletes a game-like experience.  The Game Speed Drills for Volleyball DVD series provides a variety of drills to master each part of the game.  This series contains eight DVDs featuring Kirsten Bernthal-Booth, Jerritt Elliott, Terry Gamble, Chris Gonzalez, Christy Johnson, Anne Kordes, Jim Moore, and Bond Shymansky.  Get ready to improve your volleyball skills today!

Game Speed Serve & Serve Receive Drills
Game Speed Blocking Drills
Game Speed Drills for Training Competitiveness
Game Speed Passing Drills
Game Speed Attacking Drills
Game Speed Ball Control Drills
Game Speed Out of System Transition Drills
Game Speed Setting Drills


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