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Banana Cut, Receive a Pass and Score!

By Kevin Fitzpatrick - Last updated: Tuesday, May 10, 2016

St. Joseph’s University assistant head coach and offensive coordinator, Dan Keating, explains a shooting drill that mimics a common element in the 1-3-2 offense. Players will practice coming off a banana cut, receiving a pass from a teammate, then firing a shot on goal.

Step Down Shooting

Drill Summary: Set up with two cones 10 yards in front of the goal on the goal lines extended. Place a bucket of balls five yards to the side of the goal. Players form single file lines next to the bucket and just in front of the cone that’s furthest away from the bucket.

One by one, players in the line next to the cone approach the first cone, plant their feet, then banana cut around the second cone. As the banana cut is occurring, the first player in the bucket line prepares to fire a pass to the cutter. On the pass, the cutter prepares to receive the ball in triple threat position with their shoulders locked in to the target. Catch the ball with soft hands and fire a shot on the near or far side of the goal. Switch lines after passing and shooting.

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