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Learn to Wrestle Better in the Top Position!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Friday, December 13, 2013

Mark Manning, 2x Big 12 Wrestling Coach of the Year, demonstrates a chop breakdown to cross-wrist control. You will learn that the top man will need to drive his hips over the near arm and pivot on the front knee as you drive the hips to the hand.

Chop Breakdown

The top man is looking to cause the chop arm to bend. When the arm bends, capture the wrist with the cross hand (the hand around the waist) and pull it to the far hip.

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Increase Your Chances for Nearfall Points with These Techniques!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Friday, November 15, 2013

University of Nebraska Head Coach Mark Manning shows you a parallel, “cowboy” ride from flat on the mat to a chicken wing. This is a great series to rack up nearfall points.

Riding and Controlling

Three finishes are shown from here. First, walk the chicken wing over the hips, put your knee in his ribs on the opposite side of the wing and finish with a reverse half nelson. Second, lock a wing with both arms and walk the chicken wing over the opponent’s head. Third, walk the single wing over the head. Coach Manning finishes this segment with a warm up drill to practice getting the chicken wing in effectively.

Check out an additional clip from the Championship Productions’ DVD “Top Position: Skills to Dominate.” If you’re interested in more Wrestling videos on Riding, click here.

World Class Preparation to Increase Your High Jump!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Monday, December 24, 2012

Every good workout has to begin with a good warm-up. The warm-up should not only loosen up the athletes and prepare them for the workout physically, but also should help prepare the athlete mentally for the challenges of the workout. Static stretching has a method of warming up and now has given way to more dynamic and motion oriented exercises. Gary Pepin of the University of Nebraska introduces warm-up drills used by the high jump program, and are demonstrated Dusty Jonas. These drills are part of a general warm-up routine that would be very appropriate for track athletes in any event groups.


After an introduction by Coach Pepin describing the purpose of the warmup, we’ll see four exercises. After jump roping, the athletes will move to Ankle Flips. This helps to loosen the lower legs and achilles tendons. Low Walks are an advanced version of lunges that also work the hips and build strength in the hip girdle area. Be sure to follow Coach Pepin’s instructions regarding keeping the shoulders back and over the hips, not allowing them to move forward. Cariocas are next, adding to the mobility and loosening up of the hips. Notice the knee lift added. You can use this with your advanced athletes to add an element of difficulty and strengthening to the exercise. Finally, Skips for Distance are introduced. This exercise would be more specific to jumpers, but would be excellent for long and triple jumpers as well as high jumpers.

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New All Access Volleyball DVD featuring John Cook!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Thursday, December 22, 2011

We have recently released an All Access Volleyball DVD featuring John Cook and the Nebraska coaching staff and team.  He is the head women’s coach at the University of Nebraska and has led his team in the NCAA Championship game twice.  This All Access Volleyball DVD set is called:

All Access Nebraska Volleyball Practice with John Cook

  • Watch five live John Cook-run practices!
  • See how practice organization can create game-like flow for better hands on learning
  • Learn component type drills, isolating game situations for maximum reps and decision making
  • Get an inside look at a post practice team meeting
  • If you like this DVD, see more John Cook instructional videos below:

    Stretching, Jumping, and Landing

    Agility and Core Strength


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