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High Tempo, Competitive Practice Drills That Make a Difference for Teams

By adam.warner - Last updated: Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Follow along with Colgate lacrosse coach Mike Murphy as he reveals two of his team’s favorite high-energy drills. During each segment, Coach Murphy provides insightful commentary as his players work through the drill at full speed. Meanwhile, expect a strong emphasis on fundamentals, quick decision making, and replicating game conditions. 

Zip and Skip (Attack and Midfielder Drill)

Overview: It’s important that players are not afraid of throwing the ball away. Coaches will frequently catch players trying to aim passes and that’s just not good. Instead, focus on throwing the ball hard and getting the ball in and out of the stick as fast as possible. As an offensive unit, we want to be zipping the ball around the outside to keep one step ahead of any defense. Look to implement this drill to get the ball moving faster among offensive players.

Drill Set-up: Establish four lines that are well spread out. Have two lines start on the GLE but on opposite wings. The two others should be about 20 yards away and also on opposite sides of the field. Using two lacrosse balls at a time, make passes going around the horn from line to line. Look to go quicker and be sure to talk to each other throughout.

Points of Emphasis: The “Zip and Skip Drill” simulates moving the ball quickly on offense. The idea is that it’s a passing and shooting drill. For instance, we want to get our feet set while moving into the ball and get it moving in and out of our stick as fast as possible.

Remember, the faster you can move the ball on offense, the longer it takes for the defense to recover. This puts you into a terrific position to get goals, especially on the backside of the cage.

Apache Ground Ball Drill

Overview: The “Apache Drill” focuses on ground ball players working off two defenders. In this common scenario, how exactly do we recover back in offensively and defensively? This drill is also terrific in teaching your players to play with confidence in unsettled situations.

Drill Set-up: Get six defensive guys running in a circle and then six offensive guys opposite of them. One coach will roll out a ground ball somewhere on the field and then proceed to call out a player’s name. That player will immediately battle for the loose ball.

Meanwhile, send two defenders to the ball against that offensive guy. Offensively, make sure you’re getting to your proper spots on the field. Also, the player with the ball should have his proper support to make a pass. Le t the drill play out from here, either resulting in a shot, clear, or turnover.

Drill Tips: When you scoop up the ball offensively, look to attack off two passes. If the defense scoops it up, work on clearing the ball up field.

The previous drills can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “High Tempo, High Energy Practice Drills” with Mike Murphy. Click here to check out a selection of our best-selling lacrosse videos featuring effective team practice drills.

2 Highly Efficient Clearing Drills for Up-Tempo Lacrosse

By adam.warner - Last updated: Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Join Colgate men’s lacrosse coach Mike Murphy as he demonstrates a pair of high-tempo clearing drills. Watch as Coach Murphy provides an overview of each drill before breaking down the action with his players on the field. These clearing drills incorporate proper fundamentals, conditioning, transition aspects, and playing at a high tempo while under control.

Bang it Off the Wall Clearing Drill

This is an efficient drill that Colgate uses to simulate clearing situations, playing fast in the middle of the field, getting looks to the inside and outside, and getting quality shots as well.

Start with a defender with the ball on the GLE. He will break out wide and then make a long pass to a midfielder near midfield. From here, the midfielder will turn and pass across midfield to another midfielder, who then breaks up field before passing to another player, who then turns and fires to an attacker behind the GLE.

Next, the attacker will then turn and look for a streaking teammate cutting in from up top for a quick shot and score. Meanwhile, a feeder on the opposite side of the cage will also hit a second streaking player for a shot on goal. Overall, there will be two shots on goal, one coming after the other.

In summary, this is a terrific full-field drill performed at a brisk pace that features quick turns, fast ball movement, and lots of shots on cage. You can also do this drill on both sides of the field at once to get players more reps.

Coaching Tips: Middies should be working hard to the ball. Shooters should be calling for the ball. Remember, this is not a shooting drill, it’s a scoring drill.


Dragon Clearing Drill

The Dragon Clearing Drill enables attackers to run the field and get shots in. It also allows middies to play the middle of the field utilizing proper stickwork before getting some shots in. The defense works on crossfield passes. The second part of the drill focuses on unsettled play as the attack and defense play in a 3 v 2 situation.

The drill starts with three lines of players. Three at a time, players run up the middle of the field, keeping proper spacing and passing back and forth. Then after a pass around midfield, one outside player will then streak in and get a shot off on goal while on the run. From here, two different feeders hit the other players for shots as well. Altogether, the three drill participants get shots off on the cage.

Finally, things move into 3 v 2 action at the end of the drill. Players will go full-field with a clear (similar to the first drill) and then the action finishes in a 3 v 2 scenario and shot on goal.

The previous clips can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “High-Tempo, High Energy Practice Drills” with Mike Murphy. To check out more videos focusing on team drills, click here

New First-Class Lacrosse DVDs for Helpful Practice Ideas!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Join two as he provides a smorgasbord of high-tempo drills that focus on critical skills, unsettled situations, and conditioning. Energize your college, high school or skilled youth team’s practice by cribbing a few notes from one of the brightest young coaching minds in the game today! Make improvements fast with these two exceptional Lacrosse DVDs:

High Tempo, High Energy Practice Drills

  • Get 11 efficient practice drills that will help train your team to play aggressive, up-tempo lacrosse
  • See a practice plan heavy with “touches” and hidden conditioning to effectively build players’ skills
  • Pick up unique ways to integrate ground ball work into game-like offensive, defensive, and transition scenarios

Individual & Team Practice Drills for Women’s Lacrosse

  • Discover 13 drills that develop stick work and shooting and include small-sided drills and full field drills
  • Learn to build progressive practice drills that start with individual skills and progress to team concepts
  • Learn 5 shooting drills that will build your players’ mechanics for taking shots from different areas on the field



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