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Develop a More Potent Offense with These Great Tips!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Monday, October 8, 2012

Get excellent tips from Mary Wise, University of Florida Head Coach, on serving and attacking the net.  Coach Wise is a 2x AVCA National Coach of the Year and has over 700 career wins.  The following clips will help you develop your serve accuracy and power as well as the various aspects that go into setting up for a strong attack.

Partner up and try this nice serving drill that you aim at the mats.  See if you and your partner can hit the target three times in a row.  Vary the placement of the mats to work on hitting to the different zones on the court.

See how you as the attacker will be able to make a quality bump to the setter and anticipate the return pass for the spike.  Performing this drill will allow you to improve your timing on your jumps on the attack.

View additional clips from the product page of “All Access Florida Volleyball Practice.”  Check out Mary Wise DVDs and other Volleyball DVDs we have in our massive video library!

New Volleyball DVD: All Access Florida Practice with Mary Wise!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Get a court-side seat at this new Volleyball DVD featuring Mary Wise.  She is the University of Florida Women’s Volleyball Head Coach and the Nation’s Winningest Coach Since 1991.  See what new concepts you can learn from this Volleyball DVD:

All Access Florida Volleyball Practice

  • Learn the systems, techniques, drills and terminology used by national powerhouse Florida Gators in its first week of practice
  • See how to incorporate new players into an established routine to build continuity and ensure success as rosters change year to year
  • Learn to implement progression drills that help identify the strengths and weaknesses of individuals and your team
  • Learn how to utilize assistant coaches to facilitate smooth transitions during practice, maximizing court space, touches, and time limits

Check out other Mary Wise instructional Volleyball DVDs:

Offensive Drill Solutions: Hitting, Passing, & Setting
Competitive Play Solutions: Games for the Game
Defensive Drill Solutions: Serving, Blocking & Digging
Practice Solutions: Planning for Success
Foundations Series: Disc 1: Passing
Foundations Series: Disc 2: Serving
Foundations Series: Disc 3: Individual Defense
Advanced Attacking
Foundations Series: Disc 4: Setting
Foundations Series: Disc 5: Blocking
Foundations Series: Disc 6: Attacking

Florida Volleyball Ranked #1 in Bison / AVCA Division I Coaches Poll!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The University of Florida volleyball program, coached by Mary Wise, is ranked #1 in the Bison / AVCA Division I Coaches Poll (11/8/2010).  The Gators (22-1) received 48 first-place votes, 39 more than second ranked Stanford.   View the complete Top 25 below, including the coaches who have partnered with Championship Productions to produce instructional volleyball DVDs:

1.  Florida  (Coached by Mary Wise)
2.  Stanford  (Coached by John Dunning)
3.  Hawaii  (Coached by Dave Shoji)
4.  California
5.  Nebraska  (Coached by John Cook)
6.  Southern California  (Coached by Mick Haley)
7.  Texas  (Coached by Jerritt Elliott)
8.  Penn State  (Coached by Russ Rose)
9.  Illinois
10.  UCLA
11.  Washington
12.  UNI
13.  Colorado State
14.  Iowa State  (Coached by Christy Johnson – Lynch)
15.  LSU
16.  Michigan
17.  Dayton
18.  San Diego
19.  Cincinnati
20.  Arizona
21.  Tennessee
22.  Minnesota  (Coached by Mike Hebert)
23.  Oregon  (Coached by Jim Moore)
24.  Northwestern
25.  Tulsa

NCAA Division I Women’s Volleyball Tournament Set

By nate.landas - Last updated: Sunday, November 29, 2009

The NCAA Division I Volleyball Committee announced today the pairings for the 2009 NCAA Division I Women’s Volleyball Championship.  The first and second round matches will be played at 16 campus sites, the regional rounds will be played at four sites (Gainesville, Stanford, Minneapolis, and Omaha), and the regional winners will advance to the semifinals and finals hosted by the University of South Florida and Tampa Bay Sports Commission at the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa, FL.  Good luck to all programs!

Interested in learning from the tournament participants?  Check out the instructional volleyball DVDs below to learn from the programs’ coaches:

Penn State (Coached by Russ Rose)
Florida (Coached by Mary Wise)
Ohio State (Coached by Geoff Carlston)
Southern California (Coached by Mick Haley)
Hawaii (Coached by Dave Shoji)
Notre Dame (Coached by Debbie Brown)
Stanford (Coached by John Dunning)
Kentucky (Coached by Lauren Sauer)
Oregon (Coached by Jim Moore)
Minnesota (Coached by Mike Hebert)
Iowa State (Coached by Christy Johnson – Lynch and Joe Lynch)
Wichita State (Coached by Chris Lamb)
St. Louis (Coached by Anne Kordes)
Nebraska (Coached by John Cook)
Texas (Coached by Jerritt Elliott)

AVCA Preseason Volleyball Rankings Announced!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The 2009 Preseason Bison / AVCA Division I Coaches Poll has recently been announced.    Below is the rankings:

1.  Penn State (Coached by Russ Rose)
2.  Texas (Coached by Jerritt Elliott)
3.  Nebraska (Coached by John Cook)
4.  Washington
5.  Stanford (Coached by John Dunning)
6.  California
7.  Hawaii (Coached by Dave Shoji)
8.  Florida (Coached by Mary Wise)
9.  UCLA
10.  Illinois
11.  Minnesota (Coached by Mike Hebert)
12.  Southern California (Coached by Mick Haley)
13.  Iowa State (Coached by Christy Johnson)
14.  Oregon (Coached by Jim Moore)
15.  San Diego
18.  Wichita State (Coached by Chris Lamb)
20.  St. Louis (Coached by Anne Kordes)
22.  Kansas State (Coached by Suzie Fritz)


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