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Create More Opportunities for Nearfall Turns and Pins!

By dustin.moscoso - Last updated: Monday, December 1, 2014

Mark Ironside, two time NCAA Champion, teaches you the chop and drive. This technique will teach you to keep weight on the opponent and constant grinding pressure from the top position. The chop and drive also gets the bottom man flat and allows you to transition easily into numerous nearfall turns and pins.

Chop & Drive

Drill Summary: Begin with a bump and chest pressure to get weight on the hands of the bottom man, immediately change to a chop and continue to drive forward over the near arm and continue to leg and hip drive over the chopped arm until the opponent is flat. The key emphasized by Mark Ironside is the leg drive and knee pressure from the back side.

This video came from Championship Productions’ video “The Art of Breakdowns: Creating Constant Grinding Pressure.” View other world class Wrestling videos!

Improve Your Defense by Clearing Front Headlocks!

By dustin.moscoso - Last updated: Saturday, November 1, 2014

Mark Ironside is a Dan Hodge Trophy winner, 2x NCAA D1 Champion and 4x All-American. Coach Ironside covers Clearing Front Headlocks as an example of his philosophy on defending ties, sometimes it’s better to work with the tie than to fight it.

Clearing Front Headlocks

If you’ve ever experienced the Front Headlock position as the defender, then you’ll know the difficulty and importance of getting out of the situation. Coach Ironside shows you how to save your back, save your neck, and go from bad to good position.

This video came from Championship Productions’ video “The Art of Hand Fighting.” View other world class Wrestling videos!

Wear Down Your Opponents with Heavy Hands!

By dustin.moscoso - Last updated: Monday, September 1, 2014

Learn how to improve your handfighting with 2x NCAA Champion, 4x All-American, and Dan Hodge Trophy winner, Mark Ironside.  In this video, Ironside presents his Heavy Hands drill where wrestlers can begin to wear out an opponent using constant pulling and snapping. This might be one of the intangibles that would change who wins a championship match and Coach Ironside can show you how to use it!

Heavy Hands Drill

Handfighting is crucial to the outcome of the match. If you win the handfighting battle, then you will dominate the neutral position. If you dominate the neutral position, then you’ll be very successful.

This video came from Championship Productions’ DVD, The Art of Hand Fighting.  To view more wrestling videos from America’s top coaches and wrestlers, click here.

Teach Wrestlers the Concept of Moving an Opponent!

By dustin.moscoso - Last updated: Friday, August 1, 2014

2x NCAA D1 Champion, Mark Ironside, shares the Push Pull Drill that teaches wrestlers to learn the concept of moving an opponent. This can be tricky for beginning wrestlers, but is necessary for those who would like to excel at higher levels of wrestling.

Push Pull Drill

Watch and learn more from Championship Productions’ DVD “The Art of Hand Fighting.” VIEW other world class Wrestling videos!

Exceptional Escape Technique to Improve Any Wrestler!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Monday, October 15, 2012

Watch and learn from Mark Ironside who is a 4-Time All-American including two NCAA Titles.  Perform moves from the sit-back position that will allow you to escape from your opponent in various situations.


Begin to clear the hold by turning away (switching over) from the arm he has and scooting away to create space. Extend the arm he has at the same time.  From here, Ironside, first clears the hand on the wrist by popping the hand off hard with the opposite elbow. Next, switch back toward the captured arm, again straighten the arm and peel the hand with a cross hand push-secure that hand with your own 2 on 1 and post it to the mat. Post your other hand right next to your hip on the opposite side. Secure the escape with a hip heist. Always turn away from the posted hand.


Check out an additional clip from the product page of “Mark Ironside: Sitback Series.” Browse other great Mark Ironside DVDs and world class Wrestling DVDs!


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