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Learn the Techniques to Perform Better Leg Attacks!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Sunday, June 1, 2014

Former USA World Team member, Eric Akin, demonstrates finishes from different positions. Here, Akin teaches the young athlete to “run the corner” and attack the far leg to finish a single leg on the mat. In addition, a second drill is for a double leg finish from the knees. 

Leg Attack Finish Drills

The first position has the athlete begin on a single leg in bad position. First, the youth wrestler is to lock his hands around the partner’s knees, “like a rope.” Next, the wrestler will “cork screw” the partner’s far hip to the mat so that he lands with his legs together on his side, “like a mermaid.”

Watch and learn more from this Championship Productions’ DVD “Youth Wrestling: Takedown Fundamentals.” Take a look at additional Wrestling videos on Youth Wrestling.

New Wrestling Videos – Drills, Defense from the Feet, Defending Leg Riders

By nate.landas - Last updated: Monday, October 7, 2013

Steve Garland is entering his eighth season as Head Coach for the University of Virginia. Garland guided the Cavaliers to the 2010 ACC title and was named 2010 ACC Coach of the Year. In his videos you will see new, creative and fun ways to work on old positions as well as develop techniques to defend against the leg riders.

In the third video below, Alex Clemsen, will teach you how to be more aggressive on the mat and improve your defensive skills. He is entering his fifth season as an Assistant Coach for the University of Virginia. As a wrestler, Clemsen was an All-American at Edinboro and a four-time NCAA qualifier.

Drills, Drills and More Drills

Drills, Drills and More Drills

  • 20 drills to keep your practices fresh and your athletes engaged
  • Make practice fun and productive at the same time
  • Learn how to build your practice intensity from warm-up to battle stations
  • Improve your ability to scramble from tough situations


Find Your Escape: Defense Against Leg Riders

Find Your Escape: Defense Against Leg Riders

  • Discover drills for defending a leg rider and create more escapes and reversals
  • Learn three different ways to find your escape when an opponent has his legs in
  • Learn a simple approach to defending a crab ride



Leg Attack Defense

Leg Attack Defense

  • Learn drills to effectively defend and score off of your opponent’s leg attacks
  • Learn a down block series that can lead to major points for any defensive wrestler
  • Defend and score off of an opponent’s single, even when his hands are locked





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