Develop a More Efficient Kick to Become a Better Swimmer!

University of Minnesota Head Women’s Swimming Coach, Kelly Kremer, provides you with proper breaststroke kicking techniques. The instruction and demonstration in this segment will help athletes swim the most efficient breaststroke as possible. Get technical breakdown of the breaststroke kick in the clip above. Take a look at an additional clip from Start to Finish Breaststroke. […]

Arm Pull Drills to Help You Swim a Faster Breaststroke!

Kelly Kremer details the pull phase of the stroke, which will help you achieve a championship-caliber breaststroke. Demonstrating these drills for Coach Kremer are two NCAA Champions: Jillian Tyler (NCAA Champion 100M Breaststroke) and Haley Spencer (NCAA Champion 200M Breaststroke). Use these pulling exercises to swim a faster breaststroke in your next meet! Getting the […]