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4 New ‘Open Basketball Practice’ Videos with Bill Self

By nate.landas - Last updated: Friday, January 24, 2014

Gain excellent insight from Kansas Head Men’s Basketball Head Coach, Bill Self, with these 4 New ‘Open Basketball Practice’ videos. Coach Self was the recipient of the 2013 John R Wooden Legends of Coaching Award!

Open Practice Skill Development and Practice Drills Open Practice Zone Offense
Train your players to beat any man or zone press using the “Six Man Press Drill”
Safely inbound against pressure defense with an effective set for spot throw-ins
Develop good fundamentals and build reliable basketball IQ with 2v2 and 3v3 scrimmages for post players and guards
Consistently beat any 2-3, 3-2, and zone press
Get easy scores with an out of bounds play and its counter designed for zones
Break any full court pressure defense easily with Kansas’ “3 near and 1 long”
Teach your players to find “windows” to slash through, as well as attract defenders
Open Practice High Post Screening Offense Opening Practice Defense Drills and Concepts
Learn Bill Self’s offensive system complete with marker board sessions and live practice footage
Learn how to take a complex ball screen offense and install it into a program with easy to understand concepts
Run a seamless organized offense including transition, secondary transition, a staple play and structured motion
Guard dribble hand-offs using tactics based your players’ strengths or your strategies
Train your players to operate as a team when defending screen-the-screener actions
Force turnovers by effectively positioning your players on and off the ball

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Great Lead Leg Drills to Improve Your Hurdlers!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Friday, September 20, 2013

Before you can take on a full flight of hurdles one must first learn the movements as discussed here in the “Lead Leg Drill.” Listen to former All-American, Elisha Brewer, and watch as this is a very important drill to master before putting an athlete on the track with a full flight of hurdles.

When coaching your athletes you can get a 180 degree or 360 degree visual on their movements. When coaching any sport, it’s important to have a well rounded view of an athlete’s movements so your coaching points and critiques can also be well rounded.

Gain more insight and an additional video clip from, Becoming a Champion: Hurdles for Girls’ Track & Field. Discover other great Hurdling videos apart of our large Track & Field DVD collection!

Effective Drills to Keep Your Track Athletes Injury Free!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Friday, August 23, 2013

In this segment, University of Kansas Assistant Coach, Elisha Brewer has her athletes demonstrate a “Straight Leg Stretch” and a “Roll Over” exercise. Another effective stretching drill that is covered in this section is the “Walk Out” drill. This drill also focuses on stretching out the hamstrings while also requiring the athlete to use core and upper body strength to help with balance.

Coach Brewer’s finest point in the Dynamic Stretch portion of this video is that “you’re focusing on improving your flexibility over time. Flexibility can be improved upon: that is something that can be improved upon on by focusing on it on a daily basis.”

Gain more insight and an additional video clip from, Becoming a Champion: Hurdles for Girls’ Track & Field. Discover other great Track & Field Digital Video Downloads apart of our large Track & Field DVD collection!

Dynamic Stretching Drills for a Proper Hurdles Warm Up!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Friday, August 23, 2013

Kansas Hurdles Coach, Elisha Brewer, discusses the importance of Dynamic Stretches and how each stretch contributes to the flexibility of hurdling. While each event in track and field requires some level of flexibility, the hurdles are the one running event that puts your body in it’s most unnatural position, thus requiring the need to be flexible. Coach Brewer discusses how each movement increases flexibility necessary to become a successful hurdler.

The drills begin with some basic & movements that are directly related to hurdle movements and progress to some more complex movements that focus more on stretching out the lower back and hamstrings. She begins with “High Knee Pulls” which focuses directly on stretching the lower back and hamstrings, two parts of the body where flexibility are key to become a successful hurdler. From here she rolls right into the “Groin Stretch”, “Hip Circles”, and the “Heel/Toe Walk.”

Gain more insight and an additional video clip from, Becoming a Champion: Hurdles for Girls’ Track & Field. Discover other great Hurdle DVDs apart of our large Track & Field DVD collection!


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