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New Softball DVD: John Tschida’s Individual & Team Practice Drills

By nate.landas - Last updated: Wednesday, February 6, 2013

John Tschida and his staff welcome you to their practice to show you how to get the most out of your practice time, practice space and out of your players. The 3x National Championship Coach delivers a DVD packed with pitching, catching, team drills and more!

Individual and Team Practice Drills

  • Prepare your team for game day with competitive team drills that simulate game situations
  • 10+ catching drills that cover everything from framing to throwing
  • Improve pitching velocity with a series of strength and technique drills velocity

See more best selling John Tschida instruction below:

All Access Indoor Softball Practice with John Tschida
40 Tips and Strategies for Better Softball Practices
Mega Competitive Softball Drills
Mega Softball Drills: Hitting
Mega Softball Drills: Pitching
Mega Softball Drills: Fielding

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Learn the Ins and Outs of Softball with a 3x National Championship Coach!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Monday, September 24, 2012

Here you will see hours of great video that will show you how a top level softball team works with John Tschida, University of St. Thomas Head Coach.  Tschida has collected over 650 career wins and a 3x national championship coach.  These Softball DVDs will benefit you as a coach and an athlete!

All Access Indoor Softball Practice with John Tschida

  • Pick up indoor practice ideas and drills while watching three live indoor practices featuring 3x National Championship Coach John Tschida
  • Organize your practice in small groups to keep players constantly active and limit “standing around” time for your players
  • Learn to use various pieces of equipment (rubber bands, medicine balls, kettle bells, sleds, bungees) in your practice to develop power, explosiveness and timing using these aids
  • See how pre- and post-practice meetings and video analysis can greatly benefit your indoor softball practices

For more best-selling DVDs from John Tschida check out the following:

40 Tips and Strategies for Better Softball Practices
Mega Competitive Softball Drills
Mega Softball Drills: Hitting
Mega Softball Drills: Pitching
Mega Softball Drills: Fielding

Excellent Softball DVDs featuring John Tschida!

By nate.landas - Last updated: Monday, August 13, 2012

Take a look at two new Softball DVDs featuring University of St. Thomas Head Softball Coach, John Tschida.  Coach Tschida is a 3x national championship head coach and 2x NFCA Division III National Coach of the Year.  Pick up on new drills to improve your team with these Softball DVDs:

Mega Competitive Softball Drills

  • Use these competitive drills to bring high amounts of energy and enthusiasm into all areas of your practice
  • Run an exciting, dynamic practice, interspersing competitive drills that develop quickness, agility and balance
  • Create a “mental mansion” of confidence so your team is at its best when it counts the most
  • Utilize position-specific competitive drills that develop all around athleticism

40 Tips and Strategies for Better Softball Practices

  • Plan your practices more efficiently and get more out the time you spend with your team
  • Make practice more fun and keep your players fresh and engaged
  • Learn to plan out your practices and change your goals for each phase of the season

Purchase these two DVDs together as the John Tschida’s Softball Practice Drills Set and save $10!

Need New Softball Drills For Practice?

By mike.oconnell - Last updated: Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Create more exciting practices with new practice drills!

Winning Softball Drills – 4th Edition

This book fulfills a need of many softball coaches for a working manual to help them produce drills quickly for all aspects of the the game. The goals of the book are twofold: First, to help coaches get the most from their athletes during practice through the use of specific drills; Secondly, to help coaches produce organized and time-efficient practices. The book is now wire bound, which is designed to be rugged enough to be taken to practice each day and handy enough for you to have drills at your fingertips.

The Softball Drill Book

Packed with 175 drills straight from the practice sessions of the game’s most successful programs, The Softball Drill Book will add variety to your practices and precision to your game-day performances.

CoachDeck – Softball

The Softball CoachDeck will provide you with 52 color-coded drills to improve your infield, outfield, hitting and baserunning. The nearly infinite number of drill combinations you can create means your players will never get tired of the same old practice. Nearly every drill contains a unique, “Make it a Game” feature that will ensure your players want practice to go on forever. Each deck also contains two double-sided instructional cards on Safety, Terminology, Practice and How to Use CoachDeck.

More Drill DVDs to Improve Your Team:

Mega Softball Drills: Hitting

Mega Softball Drills: Pitching

Mega Softball Drills: Fielding

Advanced Team Defense Drills for Softball

Infield and Outfield Skills & Drills

The Softball Pitching Factory: The “Daily Dozen” Pitching Drills

Competitive Games & Drills for Softball Practice

Hitting Drills and Mechanics



Keep Your Softball Practices Fresh & Fun This Season!

By mike.oconnell - Last updated: Thursday, February 10, 2011

Check out our new mega drill series with over 250 drills! Instructing is John Tschida, University of St. Thomas Head Coach; All-time winningest Division III coach with a career record of 573-98, 3x national championship coach, 2x NFCA Division III National Coach of the Year!

Mega Softball Drills: Pitching

  • Correct common pitching problems with the winningest coach in NCAA Division III history, John Tschida
  • Build your players’ wrist snap, balance, rotation, arm circles, follow through, velocity and control
  • See over 90 drills, with immediate feedback, that allows players to evaluate their mechanics and make changes as necessary

Mega Softball Drills: Fielding

  • See over 50 drills to make any ground ball an out
  • Improve first-step quickness and approach to any batted ball
  • Develop quick, soft hands
  • Turn more double plays

Mega Softball Drills: Hitting

  • See over 110 hitting drills to fix over 70 common problems in your players’ swings
  • Improve bat control
  • Generate more bat speed

Buy all 3 DVDs and save $20 by clicking here!


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