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Learn to Handle Pressure and Score on Offense!

By Kevin Fitzpatrick - Last updated: Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Limestone College head coach, J.B. Clarke, shows you a 2-on-2 drill that can help players get more comfortable finding the open man and passing out of a double team. Exercises like this one have helped develop Limestone into a D-II powerhouse on their way to back-to-back national championships.


Drill Summary: Split into groups of four players (two players with one color jersey, two with another color). Start 15 yards away on the goal line extended, with a goalie in the net. Roll a ball into the field of play. Both teams fight for control of the ball. Once one team controls the ball, they become the offense and the other team is on defense. The defense’s job is to double team the player that gets the ball initially. The offense’s job is to pass out of the double team and score the ball.

Keys to the Drill:

1) Control the ground ball.
2) Double team the ball on defense.
3) Handle pressure and pass out of the double team on offense.
4) Score the ball.

This video came from Championship Productions’ video “All Access Practice with JB Clarke.” View other world class Lacrosse videos!

Practice Clearing to Get More Possessions on Offense!

By Kevin Fitzpatrick - Last updated: Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Limestone College head coach, J.B. Clarke, uses the “Clearing Stick Work” drill to make sure his team clears at least 90% of the balls they gather in the defensive half of the field. Being able to clear the ball with consistency will allow your team to have more chances to score on offense.

Clearing Stick Work

Drill Summary: Set up with a goalie in the net, three riders in the field, and three offensive players circling the net. On the whistle, the offensive players break out, with one heading up the field and the other two cutting toward the sideline to serve as outlets for the goalie. The goalie feeds the ball to one of the outlets and the offense reverses the ball once or twice before sending it up the field. While the offense passes the ball around, the riders guard the offense to provide a game-feel. After moving the ball past the midline, rotate new groups in.

Keys to the Drill:

1) Goalie communication and decision making.
2) Accurate passes.
3) Recognition.
4) Positioning.

This video came from Championship Productions’ video “All Access Practice with JB Clarke.” View other world class Lacrosse videos!

3 Fundamental Shooting Drills Building On the Motion Offense

By adam.warner - Last updated: Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The motion offense is a highly-effective system particularly useful at teaching the fundamentals of lacrosse. Suitable for teams at every level of lacrosse, this distinct pass and move system makes each player a threat with the ball and maintains optimal field balance. Led by Limestone head men’s coach JB Clarke, the following drills all revolve around the motion offense and will serve as perfect practice additions for your lacrosse team.

Attack Shooting

This is a simple catch and shoot drill focusing on accurate passing, catching, cutting, and shooting. Start with two opposite lines behind the net. One player has the ball and starts the drill by cutting up towards the GLE as his drill partner comes around a cone placed about 7-10 yards in front of the net. The ball carrier dishes to the shooter, who gets off a quick shot on cage in front.

Try this drill with only attackmen to start practice. Look to get a ton of shots in a short amount of time with this drill and switch sides each time with the catching and shooting. Also, shooters should aim low at the net, point their off shoulder at the feed, and choke up on the stick when down low.

Tips: Remember to communicate early so your teammate knows where to throw the ball. Shooters, turn your head, pick a spot, and finish hard.


Spill It Scoring

This drill puts the motion offense in play. First, the ball starts up top with a middie and he will dodge hard down the alley before making a circle rollback. Next, try to square up in the top center and throw it to a teammate vacating out of the crease. for a high percentage shot. This is the motion that the offense takes when dodging down the alley.

It’s crucial to make a good hard initial dodge. One of the keys for the guy carrying the ball is that he turns and actually circles back. Otherwise, the defender will be right in his hands. When you roll away, you can get your hands free and this allows you some space from the defender and you can throw that feed.

Tips: Remember to run this drill in both directions and get a lot of realistic shots within the motion offense. Look to attack at the defense’s weakest, which is right after a dodge in this situation. You can add a hitch to the shot, too. This helps when defenders are flying out on the crease player and then you can hitch, step around them, and score.


1-on-1’s (in a 2-on-2 format)

This 1-on-1 drill puts the players in more realistic formats. Start by putting your crease guys in there as well so the drill takes on a 2-on-2 format. From wherever you start the 1-on-1, the dodger must go with his head up and can’t just go running through the crease. You can also put the players behind the net and on the wings to get a ton of reps from different angles. The crease guys have to anticipate what’s really going on.

Rules: The crease defenders are only allowed to slide but can’t double the ball. The dodger cannot throw the ball to the offensive guy in the crease until the defense slides.

Tips: The first part of any good motion offense is that you have to run by someone and force the defense to slide and that creates a 5-on-4 situation. This should be a main goal of what you do; creating unsettled situations behind the ball. Take the time to teach your players how to dodge, make good moves, and get in good positions to score.


The previous clips can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “Building Your Motion Offense” with JB Clarke. To check out more videos featuring offensive systems, head over to our lacrosse DVD library


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