Work on Defensive Footwork and Conditioning with This Excellent Drill!

Ricky Fried, Georgetown University Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach, provides you with a drill that emphasizes defensive footwork. This drill can also serve as a conditioning drill for your team. Defensive Footwork Drill Summary: The athletes form three lines. The first player in each line faces the coach and begins to backpedal in a defensive stance. As […]

Improve Your Offense and Defense with the “10 Yard Fight” Drill!

Archbishop (MD) Spalding Head Boys Lacrosse Coach, Kenneth “Bear” Davis, shows you a drill called 10 Yard Fight. This drill begins to set the foundation for youth players to play solid defense using their feet and body position, while giving the offensive player an opportunity to practice using several different dodges. 10 Yard Fight Drill Summary: This is […]