Learn the Basics to Good Defensive Play!

Watch as Assistant Coach Jason Breyo, at Lambert, Georgia High School, teaches the basics needed for good defensive play. It begins with a Five Yard Side-to-Side drill (without sticks). The next progression of this drill is to incorporate the players stick called the Five Yard Side-to-Side drill (with sticks). The conclusion of this progression adds an attackman. Agility Drills […]

Help Your Players Become a More Complete Offensive Force!

John Danowski, Duke University Head Lacrosse Coach, teaches the basic fundamentals and mechanics required for proper shooting. To help your players become more complete shooters, Coach Danowski explains that good shooting technique is a total body process that utilizes proper foot placement, the legs, core, upper body, and hands/wrists. Shooting Basics How it Works: The drill begins […]

Up-Tempo Offense: Bob Knight’s Favorite Drills to Build Team Toughness

In our latest team development feature, Hall of Fame basketball coach Bob Knight guides you through a pair of up-tempo drills that are vital towards building mental toughness. Coach Knight has incorporated these same exact drills with his programs throughout his career, from Indiana through Texas Tech. 11-Man Break This highly-engaging rapid-fire drill starts with two […]